Ring. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E1


Oya raise up your hand laidis if you have already bought aso-ebi for #Tide2018. I know I’m not the only one. I’ve been ready for this wedding. In fact, I even have shoe and bag to match gan. Although, the way Episode 1 went sha, I am feeling that Tiwa needs to go to a counselling class on communication 101 before she drives herself crazy or I request a refund on my aso-ebi.

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Quick Recap of Seasons 1-4.

If you haven’t watched previous seasons of SGIT, let me fill you in. The show centers around not-so-skinny Tiwa and her dating life. Tiwa is a radio show host who is engaged to the owner of the radio station she works for. She is often known for her village people doing her, because there is no other logical explanation for the way she behaves sometimes. She has a gorgeous younger sister, Shalewa, who constantly rubs in her beauty on Tiwa. Shalewa is dating Mohammed, and they’ve had their fair share of challenges, mostly because Shalewa is superficial, or should I say used to be superficial; she has learned and grown a lot over the first four seasons. Their mom is the typical overly dramatic Nigerian mother, and their dad is mostly away from home because he travels for work which is suspish, but hey…

There’s obviously more to the show than I can summarize in my little post, so if you are enjoying the gist abeg goan watch seasons 1-4. You might enjoy watching the show because it’s quite entertaining, the fashion is pretty nice (especially Shalewa’s), Didi (Tiwa’s friend) is hilarious, and because of course, every lady wants a Mide in her life. My recaps on the episodes will mostly discuss the characters and their actions/inactions. Well, as long as there is actual content to discuss sha, because some episodes be full of Iya Tiwa just screaming and rolling all over the floor.

Alright, about Season 5 Episode 1.

Tiwa and Mide. Tiwa is back with her “annoyingness”. If she discovers her ring is missing, shouldn’t she just tell Mide? She gives herself unnecessary stress because she is always hiding one thing or the other from Mide. Just say it already so you can free yourself and you both can work towards a solution instead of acting like a mad woman all over town. Marriage is a partnership; it’s two people working seamlessly together despite their imperfections. Like I said earlier, I am sending her to communication 101 to learn the basics.

On a brighter note, shall we talk about how romantic Mide is though? Association of naija men, please take note. We naija woman are not firewood; we appreciate romance. Oh and on their abstinence matter, why? No need now, they should just continue what they have already started. It’s a pointless decision in my opinion, just to please Tiwa’s dad; but to each their own. I thought the point of abstinence is to obey God. Simple. It doesn’t matter what dad thinks about the matter. It’s about you and God. But hey, what do I know?

Shalewa and Mohammed. Credit: ???

Shalewa and Mohammed. Their relationship is actually becoming a beautiful one, and they are now more in sync with each other. In the past, it was one-sided with Shalewa demanding heaven and earth from poor Mohammed. Anyway, Mohammed received a call from his family, and it is sounding to me like they have a muslim hausa wife for him in the village. When “our people” will change, I don’t know. But let me not jump into conclusions sha, I shall await next week’s episode.

Iya and Baba Tiwa. The way Iya Tiwa is all over the place with this wedding, my antennas are sensing trouble around the corner. She needs to calm down as baba Tiwa suggested; time has a way of revealing things. Anyway, let’s talk about how she was just calling Holy Spirit upandan – Holy Spirit revealed the wedding colors, and he picked orange and red? That was certainly not the Holy Spirit of God; maybe it was another “holy spirit” of the unknown.

Wosilat and two random dudes. The disrespect and audacity of some boys. Yes, I called them boys because they don’t deserve to be called men. When they learn to talk to women with respect, and not throw money in our faces, then we can talk about them. For now, let’s pretend they don’t exist. P.S. I am major side-eying women who “spoil” it for the rest of us, collecting gifts from men even though they are flat out disrespecting you with their words and how they are describing your body – we can do better.

Derin and random dude. I just want to believe that Derin’s character is exaggerated and no one with a functioning brain is actually that rude and that bitter at the same time. I liked the random dude’s reaction though; he did everything to remain faultless, as we should. Two wrongs never make a right. Mide said it right – “Get some joy in your life, then maybe you can appreciate the joy in other people’s lives”.

Do you disagree with my thoughts on any of these characters?

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9 thoughts on “Ring. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E1

  1. Communication is key, bet em losing a new ring is a hard thing to say.
    The proposal got me awww-ing lol
    Derin and random dude–Hopefully, he’s not random hahaha! He’s the guy from This is it, which I loved so much!

  2. I’m so lost 😩😩😩 I might go catch up on the previous season. Tiwa’s annoyingness turned me off. Lol but your post is compelling enough to make me reconsider.

  3. As usual 🤣😂 always the last one, I will definitely watch it and come back to post my comment 🙈🙈

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