Blast from the Past. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E3


Guys, it keeps getting better every week! Let’s talk about the main characters from this episode.

Mide. My people, yawa don burst. Does Mide know he is used as prayer point by countless naija single girls? Eh? Does he know he is a hashtag because he is #baegoals #Midegoals #whereismyMide? He can’t just come and go and be finding out he has a child. No! This one might pass the power of uncle counselor, who by the way was MIA in this episode. Mide biko, which stadium have you been playing at wey you don score goal? Let me be good sha and not jump into conclusions, so quiet I shall be until the full gist unfolds.

Aunty Dupe. On a more serious note, my heart so went out to Aunty Dupe. We always say to people, “just go adopt”, like you just go to the market and pick a child and go home. I swear adopting is like having a camel go through the eye of a needle, kilode? I have looked into adopting in the US, and oh my is it a lengthy and complicated process you have to be emotionally ready to deal with. But to think in a country like Nigeria where there are more orphaned children than oranges in the market, and where there is a stigma associated with adoption, they still trying to make it an impossible mission for those brave enough to apply!

On top of the complex and expensive process, Aunty Dupe had to deal with the lady at the adoption center who was rude, emotionless, and insensitive. And we all know it’s not just her. It’s like 99% of the people you meet in some sort of position of authority in Naija, or matter of fact, anyone that has to render you a service that you need. Follow all due processes all you want, they will still frustrate the crap out of you while they say “madam please I don’t have time to waste, next pessson!” Yep, I’m talking about the folks at the Nigerian embassy, the post office, and the tellers at the bank. We’ve all encountered them. It’s a “nigerianism” attitude that needs to stop like yesterday.

Mama Tiwa. First of all tribe, mama Tiwa did her theatrics for a good cause today. Second, she apologized to Aunty Dupe. A Nigerian adult apologizing to someone younger than them? I knew Jesus was coming soon, but not this soon.

Didi. Didi and Squeeze legit deserve each other. Squeeze is just using Didi to get his song on the radio, while Didi just wants to play around with Squeeze. As long as they are not hurting innocent people, carry on. Just know we just got insider information that Jesus is coming soon.

Derin. Mide can’t keep excusing Derin’s rude and arrogant attitude. He says things like “ignore her”, “she’s always like that”, “it’s nothing”. Oh it’s something quite alright, and she needs to snap out of it. Meanwhile I don’t understand her purpose in bringing this aunty to the party that is just rubbing our Mide upandan.

Mohammed and Shalewa. Mo and Shalewa, sigh! Our suspicions were confirmed. There is some Farida girl in the village that has been betrothed to Mo. I think Mo should share his challenges with Shalewa; there is power in communication. Unfortunately, Mo is stuck in one of those “choose love or obey my parents” situations. It’s a tough place to be in, trust me. I’ve been there and it’s no fun, but that’s gist for another day.

Somehow I’m still hoping that Aunty Dupe’s adoption will go through. I’m hoping Mide and Tiwa’s relationship survives the Mide having a child thing, if it is actually a thing, and I am hoping for the best for Mo and Shalewa. What are your thoughts?

*All photos are from ndannitv.

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4 thoughts on “Blast from the Past. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E3

  1. Re: some sort of position of authority in Naija… So true. Add nurses to that list.. Why so rude and insensitive.
    Per adoption.. so sad about the stigma and how hard the process is. I really wish we could get it right. On the other hand though I feel like there’s a.lot of informal adoption that happens in families. People adopting neices, nephews, etc

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