Fess Up. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E4


It’s a brief one today, because even though this episode was a good 51 minutes long, half of it was spent on Tiwa and Mide’s engagement ceremony, which by the way was fun to watch because that alaga was singing in some heavenly tones. On to the gist…

Kudos to Mide! Initially, I was like “hold on – is this engagement ceremony really happening without Mide telling Tiwa that he has a child?!” His maturity in handling the discovery of his child is admirable. It’s a tough place to be, but he did the right thing in the end by telling Tiwa. This may rock their relationship but I do hope that it survives this challenge. It will be quite ironic, and an eye opener for Mide on the subject of adoption, if the child ends up being a part of Tiwa and Mide’s family. If you wonder why they say sex outside of marriage complicates your life, this is exactly why.

Uncle counselor is back o and he’s on faya. On why a partner may not communicate, these were his words. “Patience is a very important virtue in marriage. Sometimes the other party may simply not be able to articulate what’s on their mind or even how they feel, and so they shut it in. Other times, it’s because of their perception of how their partner will receive it; will they respond [by listening and engaging in conversation] or will they react [by displaying some theatrics and being quick to judge]?…Responding is always greater than reacting.” I join the rest of SGIT clan to hope that Tiwa responds on this one.

Even iya Mide had some good advice too. On addressing differences, these were her words. “Separate the issues from the individual. Instead of I don’t like him, think I don’t like what he’s doing. Differences are normal.”

I complain about Derin’s attitude every week. I am starting to think that there is really something deeper underneath her bitterness. Maybe Chris (AKA oga Kenya) will help us unravel it and cure her of whatever’s doing her.

On to my couple crush, Shalewa and Mohammed. I think Shalewa is right in requesting that she meets a member of Mohammed’s family. It doesn’t have to be his parents, but at least someone, anyone from his family. I would have been suspecting something was shady if I were in her shoes. Don’t blame me, men (and women) of today cannot be trusted.

Overall, something felt off about this episode. Maybe it was the overly long engagement ceremony, or the random misplaced scenes here and there, or the editing, or continuity? I don’t know the proper film lingo, but it just somehow felt disjointed sha.

Let me know your thoughts. What would you do if you were in Tiwa or Mide’s shoes?

*All photos are from ndannitv.

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