Enemies Within. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E5


Honestly this episode should have been called “Poor Tiwa and Shalewa.” The script writers are messing with our emotions. This wasn’t our plan for this season. Tiwa and Mide were just supposed to jejely get married and live happily ever after, while Shalewa and Mohammed get engaged, and then we plan their wedding next season, period! But I guess the show reflects this thing called “life”; sometimes it throws things at you that you just wish undone so badly. On to the gist…

Tiwa’s reaction when Mide told her he had a child was everything. You could tell it so pained her to her bones. Like why why why Mide, did you go and have a full blown child? It’s easy for us to dismiss it as a non-issue because it happened before Mide started dating Tiwa and he only just got to know about this son. But in reality, it’s a lot more. There are these “extras” that Tiwa now has to deal with.

Now, it’s gone from just planning a wedding and figuring out life as a newlywed, to dealing with a blended family, being a mother, dealing with the presence of another woman somewhere in the background, managing finances with child support, and possibly much more. I think she should take her time to process the information and move or even cancel the wedding if need be; everyone will be just fine.

So on top of all this, my question for Tiwa is – “why did you go home right after having that conversation with Mide?” Like you already know how overly extra and insensitive your mother is. Poor Tiwa couldn’t even get the chance to process everything and sob in peace.

All Iya Tiwa is concerned about is the wedding aso-ebi, and inviting the entire universe for the wedding. Sometimes, I really wish she would just pause for a second and observe. Can we talk about her guest list though? Or her lack of one I should say. At this point, she is pretty much inviting the entire nation. The list didn’t even have names of people; it was a list of groups of people. Kilode? I’m not here for that extraness.

Tiwa and Mide had an argument and they may have said things they didn’t mean to each other. Somehow, I’m not mad about that. I’m just glad they are actually having a conversation about the matter. Communication is so important. I think they are on track to figuring this out.

Oh Shalewa. I may have shed a tear or two for her when she got the news about Mohammed’s “wife”. Such a harsh way to find out. It’s unfortunate the things that happen in the name of “tradition” and “culture”. Seyi knows how I roll my eyes at the phrase “that is how things are done”. It’s good to acknowledge tradition and culture, but also think – perhaps could there be a better way of doing this? Anyway, Shalewa, if it remotely makes you feel better, we saw you over there just looking like hot faya.

Okay, is it still too early to conclude that Derin is evil? When can we stop giving her the benefit of doubt. I can maybe rationalize her being mean to others, but intentionally doing something that will hurt your own brother? How much more evil can a person get? Let her continue, this thing called “life” will soon call her to order.

They keep teasing us with our favorite actors. First, they got us excited for Akah Nnani, and then he vanished. Now, it’s Denola Grey and Sophie Alakija. We will sha enjoy them before they take them away again. Denola was obnoxiously annoying in his role sha, but it’s Denola, gotta love him still.

As always, let me know your thoughts below. Cheers!

*All photos are from ndannitv.

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4 thoughts on “Enemies Within. Recap on Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E5

  1. I don’t watch the show, but I’m excited for Derin’s arc (hoping she has one, and the screenwriters are leading us on a merry emotoinal chase). Please post more tidbits for those of us that don’t watch. I want to know without putting in the effort of watching!

    • Great suggestion! I always try not to make the posts too long, but I’ll try to add in a bit more context in future posts. Per Derin’s arc, that makes two of us…let’s see how future episodes unfold.

  2. The part about Iya Tiwa got me laughing… that’s typical Nigeria parent , or should I say my mom . I gave her some invite which she gave all out and the Ashobi she made got finished and she practically ordered for a hundred more🙀 I was like ohhh no ,,I wanted a small wedding but this was beyond small and she wasn’t using the invite anymore she was just telling people with mouth they are invited to the wedding I was paying for and not her 😂. Thank God though it ended successfully .

    And am really keen on communication which for me it’s a must in a relationship , though I got married so my husband who isn’t good at communication and it’s a bit of a problem And most times I battle on how I can push him to be open to me .
    It’s tiring but please any suggestions??

    • Gasp! I may have cancelled my entire wedding if my mom pulled that stunt on me. Glad yours was a success in the end!

      Per communication, everyone has their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps first acknowledge his areas of strengths and say how much you appreciate them. Then add the importance of communication, and that you understand this isn’t his area, but that you’d love for him to take baby steps towards working to improve his communication. You can also ask what areas he’d like you to improve on, and commit to work on them.

      Good communication is hard, and requires being intentional, so be patient with him. “Pushing” doesn’t help. That’s the little bit I can say without having much context on your relationship. Happy to continue the conversation further if needed; just send me a message on my contact page.

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