What Really Matters. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E7 Recap


Can we now say it is confirmed that Tiwa is pregnant? While it was good that Shalewa and Didi were ecstatic about the news, because of course every new baby deserves to be celebrated, I think they may have been a bit too shallow. Shalewa was busy talking about being the godmother while Didi was talking about Mide scoring a goal. Goal ko, goalkeeper ni.

Beyond the excitement of the new child, the implications are deeper. While she was still trying to decide whether she can handle Mide already having a child, and her becoming a stepmother and what it would mean for their marriage, the story is now different. It has become more difficult for her to walk away if she was considering that option. Not that she still can’t walk away, but there’s a lot more to think about now that she is having Mide’s child. I said it in a previous post, and I’ll say it again – sex before marriage complicates relationships. But preaching abstinence in 2018 is like telling you all not to drink water. So I’ll focus on my few friends who are waiting. Be encouraged, there are guys and girls like you who are still waiting because God says to do so, and it’s worth it.

Can we talk about Iya Tiwa’s budget for the wedding, because so many questions have I.

  • Does the budget have to be so unreasonably high?
  • Do the decorations that will end up in the trash can need to cost 4 million naira (~$11,000)?!?!
  • Why didn’t she discuss with Baba Tiwa to determine the overall budget before she started drilling down to the individual items?
  • Matter of fact, why aren’t Tiwa and Mide planning their own wedding?!?!
  • Why did she have to throw in sentiments like “you know this is going to be the happiest day of our daughter’s life” and “don’t let shame come on me”?
  • Why did she have to bring in the “some people spend more than that” comment? Hello, maybe they spend more because they have a thousand times more than you do.
  • Lastly, why couldn’t she just apply common sense?

Baba Tiwa said he’d rather give Tiwa and Mide the money towards a home. I’m with him on that, because I cannot come and spend all my hard earned money on things that will end up in garbage.

It was kinda cute for Wosi to seek relationship advice from Shalewa. To think Shalewa from earlier seasons of the show is now the one giving advice on not focusing on materialism. Brethren, don’t ever write anyone off o.

On to Mohammed and his betrothed wife, Farida. This episode, I watched from Farida’s eyes, and I truly felt sorry for her. She is only doing what she knows; you are betrothed, so you take care of your “husband” and grow to love him. My heart goes out to her. Fine girl like this. To think how many fine boys she has said “no” to because she’s been told she was betrothed. I must say though, Sophie Alakija is killing it with the hausa accent. Maybe the real hausas feel differently but me I’m liking it. I hope Mohammed doesn’t fall for her with her sweetness and all that, because #Moshalewa2019 must happen.

I was wrapping up this post when a text from my friend popped in. “I think Mohammed is better off with Farida o.” Farida ke? I quickly inserted the emoji of the lady with her hands on her head. “Don’t be deceived by Farida’s sweetness o, we don’t know her like that,” I said. But she had a good point. Mohammed’s family will never accept Shalewa because of the differences in culture and religion. Five years down the line they will still bring another “Farida” for him. It’s a man’s world, and they have somehow convinced women that we have more to gain from marriage than they do. Now my heart breaks for Shalewa and the many that are in this reality.

Madam original, the gossip aso-ebi seller. I don’t think Iya Tiwa handled the whole situation well sha. She waited to finish listening to the entire gist and then turned around against madam original by telling Iya Mide. Iya Tiwa should have stopped madam original right when she started the gist, instead of acting like she was enjoying it.

I’m just glad that Chris seems to see something in Derin that the rest of us are not seeing. We all agree we are no longer talking about her until she gets an attitude check, right? Ok good, moving on.

Didi is with another guy again. Abi, have we seen this one before? I can’t even keep track anymore. May HIV not befall her. That her lunch menu selection though, I was like ah Didi ja si, she knows what’s up – king sized prawns with peppered snails. I was already salivating on her behalf.

That’s it for episode 7 recap. Let me know your thoughts below.

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10 thoughts on “What Really Matters. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E7 Recap

  1. I hadn’t even seen this episode when I made the comment about Farida. It’s Shalewa I feel bad for in this matter ‘cos she can’t win either way. If she ends up with Mohammed, winning his family will be her prayer point for the next 10 years.

  2. I agree with you on the Tiwa pregnancy situation… I don’t even know what I feel about Farida, sigh! I love the way Iya Tiwa and More came together. I thought each person would draw their own conclusions and further strain the relationship between them. Was so proud when they stepped into Madam Original’s shop, lol.

    BTW, that Didi is another case… Got me cracked up with “you didn’t trap Mide, God trapped him, you were just a vessel “. 😂

    • haha that’s true, I agree it was really nice to see Iya Tiwa and Iya Mide in agreement over something. Didi, I tell you, is the clown of the show lol, “vessel” indeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Thanks SNG (can we call you that. Lol)
    But come oh, did Tiwa have an abortion before, ‘cus I yam not understanding what they were talking about at the end.

    That said, nice to see SGIT tackling real life issues, I knew about genotype, but didn’t know about blood group.

    And people when is this wedding. I’m pretty sure I heard Jade say something about 3 days time and Mide not wanting to travel to London the week of the wedding. But how can the wedding be so close and they are just talking about budget, they haven’t picked aso-oke, etc..

    • haha love SNG! You know, I looked up the last thing the counselor asked if they had tested for, and even google couldn’t help a sister out on that one. But yea, that will be something if she’s had an abortion before! Too much drama they are bringing into their relationship.

      You make a good point about the timing of the wedding o, even me i’m confused.

      • It’s the Rhesus D factor. Apart from blood group, A, B, AB, O that we know, there’s this one that is tested for. If it’s present, then your test result will be positive, if absent, then, negative. So you’ll see 2 people with the same blood group but different signs. Eg, blood group O positive
        (O +) or O Negative (O -), A+, AB-, etc.

        If a mother is negative for RhD (rhesus D factor) but the baby is positive due to inheriting it from the father, the woman’s body sees it as an antigen (foreign body) and is sensitized as a protective mechanism, sane way we produce antibodies against some infections so that the next time they come, our immune system can fight them. That means, her body will produce antibodies against that factor. That baby won’t have a problem but afterwards, there’ll be antibodies in her system. So if she is pregnant with another baby with the same situation, her body will fight the baby’s blood cells which can lead to a miscarriage.. In trying to defend her body against what it sees as a danger, it fights the baby cells.

        Many people don’t know, so they keep having miscarriages. The solution would have been to give the mother Rhogam injection immediately after the first child so her body won’t keep fighting subsequent ones. If she doesn’t take it out of ignorance, then only a miracle can solve it. This might be why some people keep having miscarriages.

        I hope it’s a bit clearer..

  4. “sex before marriage complicates relationships” AMEN! I cannot think of how many times I have thought this through out my life. As my name suggests, I am the llieral king of crushes, and everytime my heart gets broken, I think *Thank God* the intimacy was only emotional because I can only imagine the devastation if it was physical as well! How would I face such a person afterward #gaspwheeze

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