Two Can Play. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E8 Recap.


So Tiwa does a pregnancy test and it turns out she’s not pregnant. I don’t know how I feel about that; it was just too convenient for the script writers.

As for Mide, poor guy was so confused. He was trying so hard to be “romantically” correct about the news – “yes, that’s good news right? Or no?” You could tell he was relieved, but trying not to act like he didn’t want Tiwa to have a baby. I was about to be like Mide is #baegoals until he started uttering arrant nonsense from his mouth, talking about “my mother had an allowance from my dad and she didn’t work.” When then? How does that affect the price of fish in the market?

Dear oga counselor, can I please make you talk to every couple before they get married? Because you articulated the things in my head so well, I just kept nodding in agreement. And people, was I in the spirit or what when I wrote the “My Money is My Money…” post last week? In that post, I was directly addressing women, but also subtly sending a message across to men. But perhaps my subtle message was not heard, because it’s like some men are still stuck in 1991 while we are about to enter 2019.

In this episode, their counseling session was around the money subject, which oga counselor said is one of the biggest issues in marriage. Turns out Mide expects to be the main provider, while Tiwa expects that they both provide for their family. These were Mide’s words – “I just don’t want you to stress yourself. My money is your money.” What kind of stress oshi? Why are you just now communicating to Tiwa that you want her to stop working? That’s a big deal, and I’d like to know that information before I agree to marry you.

Trust oga counselor to remain cool headed about the whole thing. I agreed with him that they both have to be on the same page. But beyond that, it is unfair for a man to expect that his wife who does not even have any kids yet, to quit her job and just sit at home and stare at the walls.

Iya Tiwa, wee you keep kwayet? Abeg goan sit down for a second, isnor your wedding. One minute she’s arguing about having a band, the next minute it’s aso-ebi. Did she miss the chance at planning her own wedding? Like why is she so involved?

Derin, no words again for her. She is still Derin, except now, she is flinging things across tables and throwing things at her brother. In the words of Patience Jonathan, kontinuu.

I’m glad Tiwa had the talk with Didi who claims she is “exercising her rights to dating.” She is now with guy number “only God knows what.” I’m sorry script writers, but I am not buying her new personality in this season. It is so out of nowhere, it’s hardly believable. There’s no context to the behavior change. Let’s not forget, Didi was a lady who stayed faithful to Obinna in a long distance relationship. She was also the friend who talked sense into Tiwa’s head when the whole one-night stand thing happened between Tiwa and Fabrice. It’s good Tiwa is also talking sense to Didi now that it’s her turn. I just wish she had mentioned HIV, and other STDs, and you know, the fear of God.

Ok, real live tears I shed for Shalewa this time. Mohammed looked like he hadn’t even considered the option of them breaking up. I admire Shalewa’s strength in calling off the relationship, hard as it was. I know I always push for a realistic script, but please eyin script writers, indulge us this one time and let them come back together. [Snobs, sniffs, and grabs a tissue]. They were my favorite duo though, sigh.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Please share your thoughts below.

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4 thoughts on “Two Can Play. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E8 Recap.

  1. I always read your recaps before going to watch the episodes. I don’t know but they make me enjoy them better. Call me weird. I don’t like suspense 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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