Barack and His Warm Sugar Crusted Butter Croissant


Monday, Barack walks into the office with a grande cup of Starbucks vanilla latte because why use the free fancy Starbucks coffee machine in the office break room?

The latte was accompanied by a warm sugar crusted butter croissant also from Starbucks, because those of us that baked a pan full of blueberry muffins over the weekend so we could have one each morning, are jobless individuals. I’ll be honest sha, I was internally drooling at the sight of that croissant, but I just jejely watched him walk in as I sipped my free cup of tea.

Tuesday, I was in a meeting with Barack when the admin lady walked to his desk to deliver the Louis Vuitton shoes he had ordered online. He opened the package and placed the receipt on his desk. The shoes cost $795. “Kilode?! Whose wedding are you attending?” I asked. “Oh no one’s,” he said. “You won’t believe they were on sale and I had to catch a good deal. Moreover, it was on the credit card and I’ll pay it off soon,” he added. The shoes made correct sense sha, but Aldo shoes will suffice for now.

Wednesday, we went out for lunch together. I filled up my water bottle in the famous kitchen break room, and swung the bottle on my index finger as we walked to the food court. I ordered a $5.29 Chick-fil-A spicy chicken deluxe sandwich. Barack ordered a salmon and large salad bowl with extra shrimps and avocado for $33.79, extra dressing for $0.50, and good ol’ water for $1.99 from a gourmet salad bar. He then picked up a milkshake for our walk back to the office, and asked if I wanted one too. “Nah, I’m stuffed from my sandwich,” I said. That was a total of $40.04. Barack goes out for lunch every day. I only go once a week, because my stove at home still works.

Over lunch, we were gisting about life when we were still in school, and somewhere in the conversation he mentions he still has student loans from his undergraduate and graduate programs – a total of $87,000. “Bros, did you study medicine ni?” I asked. “Nah, I just went to school out of state,” he responded. Because his wife doesn’t work, they are able to cap his monthly payments based on income. It will take them till Jesus returns to pay it off. They also have a mortgage on their house.

Thursday, Barack showed me the cutest school pictures ever of his little almost two year old son. The pictures were so adorable, he ordered the entire print package, plus the digital version, plus a keychain and mug with the photos printed on them. The mug was sooooo cute, my ovaries were singing.

Meanwhile, my son’s school pictures were out around the same time. I only paid for the digital version, and printed two copies at CVS for me and my husband to display on our office desks. For a second, I considered getting a mug with my son’s picture on it, but then I thought about the countless mugs I have in my cabinet at home, just sitting pretty gathering dust, because how many mugs can a person possibly drink from? Two months later, I saw the full packet of pictures Barack had ordered still sitting on his desk, untouched.

Friday, I was babysitting Barack’s son while he and his wife, Miche, went out on a date night. They drove to my house in a brand new BMW X7. They had bought a new car for two reasons – 1) the wipers of his “old” 2015 camry needed to be changed, and 2) they are planning on a second child soon and the kids have to be comfortable in the car…because those of us fitting a third child in between two car seats obviously don’t care about the comfort of our kids. In case you are wondering – no, Barack is not the former president of the U.S.; we are both mid-level analysts.

Saturday was Barack’s son’s two year birthday party, held in a professionally decorated hall more expensive than my wedding venue. It was the whole owanbe package, complete with Mickey Mouse himself, a cake so high it covered the kid’s face, food so much it could feed a thousand guests, personalized favors, face painters, a DJ and professional photographer, five different outfits for the poor little kid, and anything else extra you could possibly imagine.

My son had just turned one the week before. My sister baked him a beautiful cake, and I cooked the best jollof rice and chicken ever. We invited family, took pictures, ate, and laughed so hard. It was a good day.

Sunday, I gave Barack a call to confirm some things for our meeting at work on Monday. After the conversation, I told him we’d just put down a $50,000 down payment on an investment property. “What?! How’s that even possible?” he exclaimed. I wonder…


This is an exaggerated fictitious story somewhat inspired by real life observations. The point is to:

  1. Illustrate how we spend mindlessly without considering our financial positions or long term goals.  
  2. Show that intentional modifications in our daily spending habits can make a huge difference in the long run. By cutting the unneeded extras, you can actually pay off that student loan, or save for the vacation you’ve always wanted, or like me and Seyi’s goal for 2019, save up for an investment property.

My question for you is this – how will you manage your finances in 2019?

*Photo 5 credit: BMW.

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14 thoughts on “Barack and His Warm Sugar Crusted Butter Croissant

  1. Happy New Year SimpleNaijaGirl! Love how you showed that all these seemingly small small everyday expense such as the lunch, coffee, etc add up. Everyone can relate to that even if they don’t make all those bigger expenses.

    My goal in 2019 is not to spend any money at all, can I dash someone my bills, hahaha. But I will work even more on the smaller smaller purchases.

    • Happy New Year, lady Ayettey! Okay you take the intentional spending to another level…not wanting to spend money at all! I always think before I “swipe” – is this really necessary? And is it in the budget? God help us all to be good stewards of the money he has blessed us with.

  2. Sadly, Barack is the example of a lot of millennials today! This was such a good read. We don’t realize how much swiping our cards can add up to, especially the implications on our financial future. My only hurdle now is my student loans – I wish I had the financial wisdom back when I was 20 that I have now. My goal is to save double the amount I was able to save last year. And praying for a miraculous canceled out student loan account! 🤪

    • Don’t we all wish we knew the things we know now, when we were younger? Sigh. That’s why we have to teach our kids while they’re young. Lots of cool resources these days to teach kids on managing finances. That, plus the examples we set from them watching our spending habits. All the best with your savings goal, you’ve got this! And amen, from your mouth to God’s ears.

  3. My financial goal in 2019 is to pay off all my consumer debt/loans+ my one private student loan. Get a new job that pays more money so I can have more wiggle room in my budget to finally have a proper emergency savings and to start to pay off my fed loans. Eat out less (i.e if I’m gonna eat out, let it be for proper something like a brazilian steakhouse and not mcdonalds), and cook more, so I can lose the belly fat, but also so I can stop going over my eating out budget. I “follow” the electronic budget method from debtfreegeek and it’s doing wonders for all other parts of my budget, but my eating out acct. That always seems to be on empty 😀 😀 😀

    I’m the unfortunate foodie kind that doesn’t enjoy cooking. I’ll do it, but only cos I have to. So now I make sure I make things I actually want to eat, so I’m not tempted by the wiles of the outside kitchen. I meal planned for the next 8 weeks. And while this week is yummy with brussel sprouts and bolognese, I’ve been drooling over next week since I put pen to paper (next week is lamb and reunion chicken soup…I shiver in anticipation). Lol, this went way left from what you asked from us…but I haf to share my excitement!

  4. Happy New Year! I loved this post btw. My financial goal this year is to have 2 seperate savings. One towards a house and one just for saving! Also, to stop spending money on things like takeaway or a sandwich for breakfast that I could have made in my house if I got up 15 minutes early instead of 5 minutes late.

  5. Well written and quiet entertaining🤣 I’m working on the not eating out for lunch part. I brought lunch to work if that counts for anything. I’m hoping to have more days of bringing lunch to work rather than ordering Thai food 😩

    • Thanks Sunshine ☺️. Lol @ Thai food. You are not alone in that struggle! Having a clearly defined end goal (like saving for a vacation) may help us all stay disciplined. Enjoy your home-cooked lunch ☺️

  6. Haha! I was going to ask.. Where do you work? So I can come see Obama” 🤣.
    But you’re so right. We don’t realisze how these little expenses add up. I find that my money just runs away when I don’t set financial goals. I love budgeting cos it reminds me that I don’t have that extra $30 to spend on dinner. It seems to be there, but it really doesn’t exist, cos I already did my budget and all this month’s money is accounted for.
    Thanks for the good read!

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