Flat Line. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E9 Recap.


Ejo, I just want to know when this wedding will happen, as they are just about to plan the bridal shower and there’s only one more episode before the end of the season. Me thinks they are draaaaggging the whole thing on purpose. Kilode? It took Mide all of nine solid episodes to confront his sister? And Iya Tiwa, with all of her wedding planning since episode 1, is just about to book a photographer?

Issokay. Let’s get down to business on episode 9.

I almost forgot about Aunty Dupe and her whole adoption matter because Tiwa and Mide’s relationship drama is more than enough distraction. One minute Tiwa is pregnant, the next minute she’s not; one minute Mide has a son, the next minute they are not sure. Anyway, I loved how Tiwa opened up to Aunty Dupe about Mide possibly having a son, and Aunty Dupe had sound advice for Tiwa, especially from her experience. Iya Tiwa should have been the first to know, but because she won’t fara bale, you know, calm down and observe the real things happening around her, she’s still in the dark about the situation. Anyway, back to Aunty Dupe…who is that Barrister Rotimi that called her? I so hope it has to do with the adoption process finally clicking.

So Derin finally deserves a section in my recap, because at least we heard something different from her today. Mide finally had “the talk” with Derin because Tiwa reported the situation to oga counselor. I would have liked to see “the talk” go differently though, instead of just shouting and yelling anyhow, but I guess everyone’s approach is different. It’s the same way I wouldn’t have responded to Derin with yelling if I were in Tiwa’s shoes. Conserve your energy; sometimes calm and deep is more effective. But everyone is raving about those two scenes in this episode, so I’ll just keep kwayet.

Anyway, so what was Derin’s excuse at the end of the day for her rude and evil behavior?  “I can’t deal with losing my brother to marriage,” she said. Lame. My friend, shut up. Issa lie. Why then is she always bitter towards Chris and everyone she works with? I was waiting for her to say something profound when she started crying crocodile tears, like eeerrr, maybe she experienced something traumatic in her childhood, or anything other than the excuse she came up with. The cliffhanger sounded like Mide and Derin’s dad passed away. Sigh! Perhaps, this will reveal more about Derin than the lies she’s telling us.

Shalewa is having second thoughts about her break-up with Mohammed. Stay strong ore mi. As much as you and Mohammed are our couple crush, I think you made the right decision. Plus the Christian-Muslim mix would have been a challenge anyway.

That’s it guys, keeping it brief today. Excited for the finale episode (I think?) next week for many reasons! As always, let me know your thoughts.

*All photos from ndanitv.

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2 thoughts on “Flat Line. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E9 Recap.

  1. Wait, are you sure there’s only one episode left???
    that can’t be right.
    It looks like these Ndani people don’t want this wedding to happen at all.
    ‘cus with Mide’s dad, I’m guessing they will have to postpone the wedding now… Unless Mide’s dad has miraculously become well or something…
    I have to say those, Mide and Tiwa have had to deal with a lot of issues this season sha.. looks like that was the focus for the writers… but we that we’ve been waiting for wedding since since, this ain’t fair at all.. kmt

    • I really don’t know where I got the impression that it’ll be 10 episodes, I hope I’m wrong lol. You’re right, it’s obvious they are intentionally focusing on real issues this season, but this wedding musto happen.

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