Feelings. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E10 Recap.


False alarm guys. There’s no indication that today’s episode was the finale. The previous seasons have been 10 episodes, but I guess NdaniTV is giving us a treat this time? On to today’s episode. There was just a theme of sadness that even “Pastor” Woli’s comedic act couldn’t get me to laugh. With Mide’s dad passing, and Shalewa and Mohammed’s breakup, it was an overall moody situation.

Tiwa and Mide. I don’t want to say much on the topic of “grieving” so this post is not a heavy one. Go read one of my first posts on this blog, if you haven’t already done so – Why? God, Why? – it may address this topic if you are grieving. Now, for those of us comforting the grieved. Na by force? So Mide said he wanted to be alone to grieve, but Tiwa would constantly appear from nowhere and glue herself to him in the name of “providing comfort”. I totally get that Tiwa was trying to be there for Mide, but I think Mide’s request was understandable, and she should have respected that and given him some space. Everyone grieves differently, and I think we should feed off their vibe. If they need company, then be there; if they need silence then be quiet; and if they need someone to make the air feel lighter, then crack the best jokes you can come up with. That aside, I found it strange that Mide, his mom, and sister (Derin), were mourning separately in their little bubbles instead of being together as a family. It seems very un-Nigerian, if that’s a thing.

Shalewa and Mohammed. I wish I can predict where this going. Odikwa very complicated situation. I mean Farida has been betrothed to Mohammed since she was a baby. How do you now break that? It’s so unfair to everyone involved. I want to hope that the new moms and dads of my generation are no longer doing this betrothal thing. Biko, if I ever told you that my son will marry your daughter, na joke I dey joke o! It may have worked in 1612, but the world is just such a global place now, that sort of arrangement no longer makes sense; people are no longer restricting their lives to one little village. Anyway, so Mohammed apologized to Shalewa about the whole thing, and he attempted to confront his brother; I don’t know how well that conversation went. Like Mohammed said, there is no way this mess can be resolved without somebody getting hurt.

Derin and Chris. It took the death of her dad and her big brother yelling at her for Derin to come to her senses. Tragedy has calmed her by force. She was so much more pleasurable to watch and I really enjoyed the scene between her and Chris. They were able to connect on a deeper level, because for once Derin was actually listening and talking without being rude. Chris lost his sister to cancer, so sharing that experience with Derin helped with her grieving.

There were some other random scenes here and there – Tiwa signing the contract with ABC media, which we still don’t understand the implications; Mide not showing up to counseling because d’uh, he’s grieving; Wosi warning Jago off; and Iya Mide telling Iya Tiwa that the wedding will continue as planned. Finally, the cliffhanger where Mide said to Tiwa, “I can’t do this”, he’d better be referring to “I don’t know what” because as we are all invested in this wedding, it must happen.

We await what comes next, but until then, please share your thoughts below.

*All photos from ndanitv.

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4 thoughts on “Feelings. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E10 Recap.

  1. But Tiwa sef should have used sense to not go for the ABC meeting. I know he told her to go but come on, he definitely didn’t want her too. And then she signed the contract too, when she knows he’s not completely comfortable with it yet. As she was calling him during the meeting, did she think he had the mindspace to discuss contract with her at that time?

    She is making his grieving about her. It’s not. Instead of trying to do something to comfort him just so she feels better or feels like she’s helping, she should just have sat quietly with him and taken her cues on what he needs/wants from him.

    • But we both know Tiwa likes to act like a confused person sometimes. So I wasn’t surprised by her actions per the ABC meeting and contract. About the grieving, you said it so well; sit, keep shut, and take cues.

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