Bridal Shower. Recap of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E11.


I battled with this episode’s recap. Honestly eh, I’m getting bored. The purpose of today’s episode was what? Watch a frustrated wedding planner with terrible acting? Or watch Mide in the exact state he was last week – no progress? This wedding has refused to happen. In fact, praying for the wedding has passed “Pastor” Woli’s powers, so tey he has gone to gather his church members to join in. I know, I know, the episode actually wasn’t so bad. There were some really sweet moments, and perhaps that’s why the comments on YouTube were calling this the best episode yet. Let’s dive in.

Who would think Derin and Chris’ scene would be a favorite?! They are so in love, and I think it’s especially beautiful because they have seen each other in their imperfections from the beginning. At this rate, their wedding is going to happen before Tiwa and Mide’s. They are starting to grow on me, and I love their love. So why then am I bored, you ask? Because we all knew they were going to fall in love from the beginning. Soooooo show me something new.

I don’t want to criticize Mide because he’s going through so much with his dad’s death, his baby mama drama, Tiwa accepting an offer with a competing station, and his jumbled up thoughts about everything. Buuuuuuut, he was actually quite annoying. And it doesn’t help that Tiwa was acting like a six year old as usual, talking about “I don’t want to attend the funeral.” Honey, this actually isn’t about you so get yourself together.

I have to admit, one sweet moment, and probably the reason most people are in love with this episode, was the scene with advice from the moms. Even I got the chills a lil’ bit. Iya Mide used her marriage as an example for Mide on taking things one day at a time, while Iya Tiwa came through with advising Tiwa on forgiveness, and a bunch of other things. I legit thought all she cared about was Tiwa wearing iro and buba to the funeral.  

Other Randoms. Wosi and Jago are just there to entertain us. But Jago, kilode now? Why would you give Wosi’s asoebi to your new girlfriend? That ain’t right. The conversation between Chris and Mide about Derin was quite sweet. Shalewa is such a sweet sister, leaving behind her relationship challenges to plan and have fun at Tiwa’s bridal shower. There was a strange girl at the bridal shower, who we are yet to know.

On to the cliffhanger. Looks like Mide may have received the DNA test results? And what exactly did he want to talk to Tiwa about when he showed up at the bridal shower?

That’s it for this episode’s recap. Am I the only one who felt this way about today’s episode, or were you all emotional like those that commented on YouTube?

*All photos from ndanitv.

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8 thoughts on “Bridal Shower. Recap of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E11.

  1. Yes I totally agree with you. The best part of this episode was the advise from both Moms seriously and they said it all. Love understanding and communication. Also I like the fact that Tiwa mom said all men are the same so you just have to manage it. Totally agree I just hate that they are dragging this too seriously. I also love the fact that Mide sister is coming to her senses I guess because she is love now and understand i hope so. Thank you for always sharing I enjoy your blog a lot love kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Yaay, thanks for reading! Idk how I felt about that comment Tiwa’s mom said about all men having egos and her telling Tiwa to “manage it”. I wasn’t sure if she meant manage it as in take it as it is, or as in find a way to work with him on his ego…

      • Patience Communication Understanding and Love …..they said it all and also ALL MEN HAVE EGOS (I like that ).To close it Forgiveness is the key in Marriage.

  2. I think she meant find a way to work with his Ego and that no men is perfect you know so when you have one u have to try to work with it manage it you know dont think somewhere else will be better or is better … that is my understanding

  3. I feel you.. I’m getting bored as well.
    This is the first time I’m watching SGIT weekly. I usually wait for the episodes to pile up and then binge watch. I don’t know if that’s why I feel this thing is just dragging, but abeg, this wedding should come and go jare.. E don do… then again, what happens to SGIT after the wedding.. will that be the end of the show.. I see Mide (Ayoola) and Shalewa (Sharon) are now on a show by UBA’s YouTube TV station – The RedTV.. I wonder if this means they’ve left ndani (owned by GTB), so this might be the last season?

    • Interesting. I was hoping the next season would focus more on a different couple, or maybe stick to Tiwa and Mide, but focus on topics within marriage as against courtship? We are going to turn to Methusela before this wedding happens, sigh!

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