Season Finale. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E12 Recap


The wedding finally happened! I never hesperred it. And just like that SGIT Season 5 is over. I am so proud of NdaniTV for creating this show. Seems like it started out to be just for entertainment with the first few seasons, but then they seamlessly tied in relationship and life lessons while keeping us entertained this season. In my recap of Episode 1, I mentioned that I may skip writing on some episodes if it was full of Iya Tiwa shouting upandan. I was being serious, but NdaniTV came prepared this season. Let’s talk about how each of the characters have grown from Season 1.

Tiwa and Mide. Or should we call them Mr and Mrs Macaulay? They found out Mide was not the father of the boy. I’m sure they can testify that nothing teaches you as much as life hurdles. Their relationship has faced many challenges. From Mide’s ex-girlfriend, to Fabrice the French monsieur that Tiwa’s village people sent to her, to Tiwa thinking she was pregnant, to Mide thinking he was a father, to Derin’s wahala, and so much more.

All of these “struggles” have helped them grow. Their counseling sessions were also pivotal to their growth, and I can’t stress enough the importance of counseling for all couples – dating, engaged, and married. Tiwa and Mide now communicate better, support each other’s decisions, and learn to understand and acknowledge each other’s viewpoint. We saw this when Mide supported Tiwa in her new role with ABC media, and of course, the cliche example with the photo frames. Mide wanted the black and white photo frames, while Tiwa wanted the colored frames. They compromised by having one of each up, which in my none-sought opinion was the ugliest option, but they dinor ask me so….

Shalewa and Mohammed. Shalewa from Season 1 had a whole lot of growing up to do, and boy did she blossom into a mature lady by the end of this season. She used to be so superficial, she dated a married man for the designer gifts he bought her. She learned the hard way when his wife found out. Now with Mohammed, Shalewa has faced some real struggles that I can’t even advice her on. Mohammed’s betrothal was one thing, but the religious differences would have sealed it as a solid “no” for me. Well, let’s just say Mohammed knows what he wants and he went for it. You can tell Mohammed is head over heels in love. Shalewa got tired of doing shakara for Mohammed and eventually decided to live in the moment and not worry about the future. Ko make sense, I don’t follow her reasoning, but I’m just glad the script writers caved into my request and indulged us on this one. It’s nice to see them back together. Eh en, Shalewa, now that the season is over, you can like to just pass me down your clothes.

Derin and Chris. Up until the last episode or so, Derin was that sister-in-law that is every woman’s nightmare. Thank God, she has snapped out of whatever is doing her for good. But karma has a way of getting back at people. I burst out laughing when I watched Chris’ sister’s reaction towards Derin. Not to worry, Derin, you gave Tiwa good experience on how to deal with a wicked sister in-law, so you can go to her for advice. That aside though, Derin and Chris are in such a beautiful relationship. Derin actually smiles now. God is good.

Iya Tiwa. She has shown us some depth underneath all her shouting and theatrics. This wedding day that Iya Tiwa has been praying to God for, since Episode 1, finally came. Her heartfelt prayer for Tiwa the morning of her wedding was such an emotional one. Honestly, I got the shivers when she started with “Tiwalade Ayomikun Awosika, I bless the day I gave birth to you…” There’s just something about the prayers of a mother.

Wosilat. You can tell she has now become part of the Awosika family, as it should be. It was nice to watch the rapport amongst her, Tiwa, and Shalewa. Wosi has advanced herself by taking some classes and is now studying to be enrolled in a university, which is quite impressive. She also made the smart choice of her making Mide’s domestic help her boyfriend, instead of Jago. Did you notice how she strategically asked Tiwa if she could come visit her in her new home? Jago was too area-boy-like with his gangster tendencies, so we don’t want him. Wosi, we see your natural hair just growing every Episode o.

Aunty Dupe. I would have loved to see some closure on the adoption she applied for. Or did I miss it? Aunty Dupe is so sweet; would be nice to see her happy.

Didi. She stays cracking us up. Did she really have to dive and lay prostrate on the floor to catch that bouquet? Abeg who was dragging it with her? The writers gave Didi a different personality this season. She went from being in a committed relationship with Obinna to having more boyfriends than we could keep track of. I was hoping there were some lessons here, like STD or something. Perhaps there’ll be a point to it in the next season (if there’s one)?

Random favorites. This season featured some of our favorites, like Sophie Alakija, Akah Nnani, Denola Grey, and Emma OMG. Their roles were so minor, it gave us a teaser and left us wanting more of them. Emma OMG as the wedding MC could have done some comedy instead of the shoe game he made us sit through.

The wedding. It was so beautiful, and it was not just because of the decorations and ambiance, which were nice by the way. I’m waiting for Nigerians to realize that what makes a wedding really beautiful is not how much money is spent or the flower arrangements, or centerpieces. It’s the overall experience. I will save my words because this is a post for another day. The vows were beautiful, Tiwa’s dress was gorgeous, the bridal train was small and intimate, there was good food, and everyone had a good time. I was expecting Woli to officiate the wedding, after all the prayers he has invested into Tiwa and Mide’s relationship.  

Conclusion. Overall, they lost the “skinny girl in transit” part. The first couple of seasons told the story of a girl who was on a mission to lose weight. Tiwa was often in the gym or out running. She also would drink smoothies and eat salads. Then all of a sudden, there was no more mention of this weight loss journey. We stopped seeing her workout, and her diet was no longer a thing. Although she actually lost weight in real life, I was particularly interested in seeing that storyline progress. I guess love and relationship sells more than weight loss.

Big kudos to NdaniTV for the content of Season 5. I’ve seen several comments from people that have applied lessons they’ve learned from the show to their relationships. This is the true measure of success. Thank you all for reading my recaps on SGIT Season 5! It has come to an end, but check back in every other wednesday for blog posts on the things on my mind. Also, please share your thoughts below, as always!

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11 thoughts on “Season Finale. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E12 Recap

  1. Ope o… the wedding has happened. I’m not going to repeat your write up ‘cus I think we’re on the same wavelength (do folks still use that expression or I’m just aging myself).. on the series title though, if I remember correctly, it all started when Tiwa’s boyfriend broke up with her ‘cus she wasn’t “skinny”, so in the end, she loses a bit of weight, marries the man of her dreams and they all live happily ever after… I assumed that was the reason for the SGIT journey, not the actual process of losing weight. Not sure if I’m making any sense. Anyway, I have a feeling this wasn’t just a season finale but a series finale, but we shall see….

    • Lol @ wavelength. Your explanation of the series title makes sense. I hope they do replace this show with another if this is indeed the season finale. I’ll miss the characters though, felt like I was part of their lives lol.

  2. This is it is my first best Nigerian series. Next is SGIT. This movie has made me laugh, cry, smile and laugh again. Is it mide and Tiwa’s love story or mama Tiwa’s wahala? Everything was truly amazing 😄.The ending was beautiful and I do hope there is another season coming soon. My

  3. I had been off screens from the beginning of the year and returned to find the entire season 5 waiting for me. Of course, I watched it in the space of two days, with godly, motherly and wifely duties in between. I enjoyed it and have totally enjoyed reading your review too. I wasn’t so impressed with the path they chose for Didi, but I had to remind myself that in the world we’re living in these days, it’s a norm. I only wish they taught a better lesson with it.
    Well done.
    (I would drag Salewa’s clothes with you, but I’m a skinny girl in transit 😂)

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