7 Reasons I am Taking a Break from Blogging


I gave the big announcement at my podcast launch party last weekend that I’ll be taking a “quick” break from blogging for the rest of the year. And then I got an “eeeyaaaaa” response from everyone, along with sad faces. Let’s be real guys, the internet will soon get crowded with everyone’s Thanksgiving jollof and turkey posts, plus cute Christmas photos of their dogs, and we all know I can’t compete with that.

If you are curious as to what I’ll be up to during this period besides of course, eating jollof and turkey, I’ve written an ambitious to-do list below.

1. Unwinding. Because after a while #adulting gets to you and you just need to take a break and unwind. To make this truly possible, I’m also taking a season break from my podcast. In addition, I’m taking a week off work to just rest and reset, because you know what they say about all work and no play… Abisola doesn’t want to be a dull girl like Jack.

2. Building up a backlog of posts for next year. I know this is technically work, but when the pressure to publish isn’t there, it’s a whole lot different, plus it’ll enable me get some breathing room and make my life easier when I resume blogging in January.

3. Self care. Because I work hard and I deserve it. Dasall. Actually, that’s not all. Hit me up if you want to sponsor my self-care ministry.

4. Write my book(s). I started writing a book (or two) at the beginning of 2019. The short book is almost done. I just need time to focus and be actually done done. And the other book, I call it omo mi, so much so that I named the main character what I would have named my first child if he was a girl (judge me not!). I love both books, and I can’t wait for them to be born into this world.

5. African Zumba class. I’ve promised you guys on my Instagram page and at my podcast launch party that this will happen, so I actually need to make it happen. I’m so close though. I’ve locked down an instructor toh bahd, and a location is almost secure – somewhere in Columbia, MD. I’m so ready for it to start because who doesn’t love to shaku to Afrobeat music and melt away some calories at the same time? I’ll let you know once registration is open.

6. A little extra time with my munchkins. Because soon they’ll be as tall as I am and start running away from my cuddles, so I’m going to get as much cuddles and kisses in while they still allow me.

7. Spend some more time with God. Really, I want to seek His guidance and direction for next year. Last December, God, Oko mi, and I sat down to set goals for the new year. I’m not talking about those vague hypothetical “I want to lose weight” type of goals. I’m talking about real actionable things that we wanted to accomplish, like write a book, get published on Bella Naija, start a podcast, ati be be lo. Then we documented the goals on a calendar so that we were committed to a timeline. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and I need God’s help to narrow down on what I should focus on so I can do what He wants me to do effectively. I am so excited for this 3-way meeting! 


I know the kweshun you want to ask – “haba, but Abisola, isn’t this too much when you should be “taking a break”? Just let me dream on okurrr? In reality the list of things in my head that I want to do is much longer, but I’m serving you all a streamlined version. I’ll thoroughly miss the community on here, but before you can say “Jack Robinson”, I’ll be back in January.
You all had better not forget about me after all of the holidays merrying and gallivanting. Enter your email below to get notified once I return. My first post in January will be a faya one… tables waiting to be shaken. Until then, brb.

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15 thoughts on “7 Reasons I am Taking a Break from Blogging

  1. Awww!!! I figured you had a load of work lined up. We will miss it for a quick second but when you are back it will be like you never left .. hehe
    See ya later mama

  2. I was just thinking of how I didn’t see any of your recent blogposts in a while so I had to confirm for myself that my notifications weren’t playing with me.
    It’s few days to end of the year but it feels so far away.😊
    It’ll be nice if your comeback is on the 7th of January. Self Care Ministry tho.🤣

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