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Let’s be honest, all of us sitting at home are bored from this COVID-19 lock-down situation. So everyone is out there doing one challenge or the other on social media. I would attempt to do the Savage challenge, you know, the one that goes – “I’m a savage (yeah)… classy, bougie, ratchet” – but there’s nothing ratchet about me – 100% classy l’omo (though I am legit dancing to the song in my head as I type this, and you know you are too 😀 😀 ).

I would also attempt the #DontRushChallenge, but I’m still wondering whether people are actually glamming up in real life for a two second feature in a video, or whether there’s a magic button on TikTok that transforms them. See ehn, the energy for that challenge, I have not. My makeup bag has been nicely tucked away and my skin is currently hibernating and reviving it’s glow. Dress up clothes? What is that? My recent wardrobe has been t-shirts and shorts all day everyday, and I’m loving it. So no, I’m not disrupting my current flow for no #DontRushChallenge.

With the slow pace of everything, I’ve had some time to think – besides my Dear Husband, But Why?! post and my Amala rant, do my blog readers actually know me? So I decided to do a Get To Know Me Tag, and answer 15 questions I pulled from the internet. Let’s dive right in.

Photo: Biibii Beauty

1. Where are you from and are you proud of it? I’m from Nigeria (but you already knew that 🙂 ). I was born in Lagos, then my family moved to Benin City when I was 3 years old, and then I moved to the United States at 18. Am I proud of being Nigerian? Our country may be all shades of jacked up, but we forever stay proud. Pride is our middle name first name.

2. Who is your favorite writer? Aunty Chimamanda, I love you sis, but it have tey since you dropped a book for us. You know another writer I absolutely love? It’s Rachel Hollis! I am convinced that she is my sister in oyinbo skin and just doesn’t know it. I can relate with her on so many levels. And her writing style? I thoroughly enjoy it. I have read every single one of her books – fiction and motivational, but not her cookbooks sha… your girl doesn’t like to cook like that. I’m just waiting to hammer so I can hire a full time chef.

3. If you have children, what are their names? Fiji is a Yoruba name similar to Samuel… means he is dedicated to God. Mimi means breath of God. Not sharing their full names because these questions are starting to sound like some security-breaking ish. Next kweshon.

4. What is a proud moment you had in middle/high school? When I was in JSS2, a JSS3 Math teacher stumped into my classroom and asked “who had the highest grade on the last Math test?” Of course, yours truly raised up her hand. Then he took me to his JSS3 class and asked me to solve the Math problem on the board. I solved it in like 2 seconds. Apparently there was a group of students in the class that couldn’t solve the problem and he had them on their knees with their hands up (don’t ask). I chuckled watching my seniors in punishment and walked out of the class oh so proud. My parents’ school fees shall never be put to waste.

5. Do you want to have a business? No oh, I just want to keep working for someone else till I’m 99. JAMB kweshon. Seriously though, I so badly want to have a business and work for myself. I have fun projects with this blog and my podcast, but they are not yet being monetized, and with my full time job and kids, I don’t have time for anything else. I always say it’s because I’m too comfortable. If I lost my source of income and needed to survive, I’m pretty sure I would figure out this whole starting a business thing sharp sharp.

6. Do you believe that Trump will make America great again? Great ko, greater ni. Next kweshon.

7. What is a recent dream that you vividly remember? Last week, I dreamed that I was pregnant with twins. I was at a doctor’s appointment and the doctor was prescribing all these extra vitamins and supplements, doing scans and all. Heavenly Father, please give children to those that don’t have. Amen.

8. Are you a full time blogger? Oh how I wish! If I was, you will see new blog posts from me everyday, and book releases every other week till you get sick of me. I work 9-5 as a Research Associate. It’s just a fancy title for Data Analyst + Project Manger + Any work. I mess around with Medicare data for patients with kidney disease, but you don’t care to know all that details, so next kweshon.

9. Who do you admire the most? Mother or father? Both! They are both jeje laiye, and I love that about them. Dad is so deep in the Bible. When I was younger, I used to lowkey sneak into his church Bible study schedule so I could be sure to attend Church on the Thursdays he was scheduled to teach. Recently, he led the opening prayer at a baby shower we attended (before Coro showed us her true color). The prayer was so powerful, I was like “yeah, that’s my dad!” Mom is the wisest, smartest, chillest, everything-est! I wrote some lessons to draw from her here.

10. Do you have siblings? How many? I have two older siblings and one younger one, and we are all go-getters. We go and get it and we bring it back. My big brother is a  hustler… Scrum Master by day, and Wedding Photographer by night. I did a super inspiring podcast episode on his hustling story. My big sister has a PhD in Bioinformatics and works as a researcher doing genome sequencing stuff. I think she’s finding the cure for malaria, or something. Abi is it cholera? One of those sha. On the side, she runs an Etsy shop where she makes signs, labels, and other crafty things. My younger sister is an Accountant, and she manages my parents’ poultry and fish feed production business. So yeah, see what I mean when I say we are go-getters?   

11. What ice-cream flavor can you eat for the rest of your life if you could only pick one? Definitely banana. It just smells so heavenly. I love coffee ice-cream too, oh and home-made vanilla, but they said I can only pick one. When I hire my full-time Chef, they would make me ice-cream from scratch. Oh it’s gonna be so good, I can sense it already.

12. Which smartphone do you use, iOS or Android? Android. Nothing against Apple. I’m just not spending a thousand solid dollars on a phone, dasall. My money haf not yet plenty like that. I’m somewhat kidding, but mostly serious. If you are really crazy about iPhones, by all means go for it, but only you one cannot be crazy about iPhones, Louboutin shoes, and Brazilian weaves. Aunty, pick your passion and invest the rest of your money. If you didn’t figure it out from my Warm Butter Croissant post, I take pride in my frugal lifestyle.

13. Favorite drink between the classics, Coke or Pepsi? That sounds like a choice between sugar vs. sugar. I don’t recall when last I drank either, but I guess I’d choose Coke? Ko really matter, it’s just all liquid sugar at the end of the day. My favorite thing to drink has to be Zobo. It’s got a unique taste… tangy, but then sweet and tropical, but then also spicy from the ginger… oh so yummy in my tummy. I love malt too, but she is the Queen of Sugar Kingdom, and fitfam will not allow me to drink it with a clear conscience.

14. What one superpower would you want and why? The power to stop evil and pain. So much wickedness in this world, it sucks. I touched on this some, in my post – Why? God, Why?

15. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married? I got married at 25 to Oko mi of course – my chief hustling officer and podcast producer. I married young, but thank God he blessed me with correct sense to marry the right man.

Photographer: Femi Abolude


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed answering the questions. Are there any questions you want answered that are not on the list? Ask away in the comments section!

My prayers go out to those mourning, battling depression, or struggling financially because of this pandemic. My COVID-19 relief campaign ends today, April 15. Please join me in raising funds for low income families that have lost their source of income due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Consider donating here.

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30 thoughts on “Let’s Get Personal – Get To Know Me Tag

  1. Lollll I love your freedom and openness when you write especially when you throw in pidgin, Yoruba, queshon etc lolll. Now the part about twins is hilarious🤣🤣🤣

  2. This was fun to read, and such a nice change from all the sadness right now. Thanks for sending something lighthearted out into our world. My question for you: what is one question you wish people would ask you, that they never do?

    • The dream could be you birthing two great ideas/visions/ etc… at the same time 😊

      I enjoyed reading 😊

    • Thanks for reading, Lisa!
      You ask a great question I had to think deep about. I really wish that people will ask me about Jesus. I want to tell them all about Him, and the sacrifice He made for us so that we can enjoy eternal life, and I want to tell them that it’s not about the things we do or don’t do, it’s just all about His deep, so deep love for us.

  3. Ahhh reading that felt like a breathe of fresh! Love you writing and can imagine you saying all those things 🤣

  4. Great post as always. My question is, since you’ve somewhat experienced the best of both worlds: naija and obodo oyinbo, what’s that one thing you’ll like to change about Nigeria?
    (kindly leave out cliche answers like the government…)

    • I’d love to see a Nigeria where the BASICS are not a problem. Things like daily meals, housing, clothing, education, health care, safety, justice, electricity, and yes internet (because we’re in 2020) should not be a problem for anyone. Sorry I went broad, but if I were to go deep on one item, I would need a full blog post.

  5. Lolz….it was nice getting to know you more ma. Your sense of humor is lit 😂

    You should check out my YouTube channel to know me more too. That’s where my get to know me tag is 😁

  6. you got everyone wrapped around you in this one Abisola…brilliantly and tastefully done, just like you….may the blessing of the Lord continue to make you rich with no sorrow added….Amen in Jesus Mighty Name.

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