Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT) Season 6 Recap

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Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) fans, let’s gather here and talk about what just went down in Season 6; the love nwantintin (Didi and Editi), the katikati ridiculousness (Kwame), the annoyingness (Tiwa and AY the adopted kid… so annoying!), the audacity (Mohammed, ugh!), and of course, the lessons from everyone. In case you were looking for a recap of every episode like I did for season 5, don’t vex. See ehn, after every single episode, I wrote an imaginary blog post in my head, but time I had not, to transport it into blog posts for you all to read. So the season is over, let’s do one big recap. 

Tiwa and Mide. 
My heart broke for their miscarriage… I felt it in my spine watching Tiwa bleed at her birthday party. It’s a horrible thing to happen, and many couples like them have suffered such unfortunate loss, especially in silence. For Tiwa, opening up to Mide about her feelings may have helped her cope a bit better. We don’t have to suffer in silence. I don’t mean for you to stand on a pedestal and yell into a microphone (AKA post all over social media) that you just had a miscarriage. But do your friends in your inner circle know? Or is there at least one other person you talk to on the days when you are not so strong? You’d be surprised how many people have walked in whatever shoes in which you struggle, and can offer help in your time of loss or pain. I wrote more about this in my recap of Michele Obama’s Becoming. I’m glad that NdaniTV brought to light the pain and emotions that couples deal with following a miscarriage, and how it affects their marriage.

Video length – 15secs (Tiwa’s miscarriage)

That said, Tiwa was just annoooooooying me throughout the season. Yes, I know she was in a dark state, and yes, I also know that she (and other women) can take their time to deal with loss in many different ways. But guys, Tiwa already started annoying me before the miscarriage even happened. Don’t get me wrong, she had some really striking scenes, but I’ll be honest, besides a few of those moments, she was just draaaaawing like okro. Her acting also didn’t help. It almost seemed like she was uninterested in the whole thing. She wouldn’t even make eye contact. Think I’m making this stuff up? Go back and watch, and you’d notice her eyes were closed half the entire season. Then on top of that, she talks so low, it’s almost as if she’s whispering.

I was always just tayad on Mide’s behalf, but the guy stayed serving husband material. Later, haters will generalize and call all yoruba men demons. Anyway, plus ABC station oh, plus whatever Mide’s family station is called, I was so uninterested in the entire forced drama. But hey, as long as Tiwa and Mide are happy, that’s all that matters… it’s their marriage… they dinor ask for my opinion, and another baby is on the way, so yaay! 

On another note, let us appreciate the fact that Tiwa served body this season. So proud of how far she has come in her weight loss journey, but please, for the love of all things good, let’s just throw away that baby blue shapeless nightgown she wore in the Episode 11, let it never ever be remembered.

Video length – 6secs (Tiwa’s blue dress)

Shalewa (and Mohammed, and Kwame, and Tito her stupid friend).
Hands down, Shalewa was my favorite character in season 6. How she grew from a girl with no sense in season 1, to a woman standing up for all the girls in Lagos… I stan! 

So Mohammed cheated on Shalewa with Farida. I know… dumb, dumber, dubmbest. As he deserves, he suffered the consequences of his actions. Shalewa dumped his ignorantus cheating behind right away, and she did it with class too. No theatrics, no shouting upandan, just pure class. He never hesperred it, and he spent the rest of the season begging her upandan.

Video length – 35 secs (Shalewa’s breakup)

Shalewa moved on ish, but to a bigger idiot that was beating her anyhow. Then she came to her senses and gave him the threat of his life. He’d have to return home to Ghana to continue that idiotic behavior, because not under Shalewa’s watch will he ever hit any girl in Lagos again. Just don’t try to pull a Shalewa in real life sha. Going to threaten an abusive man in his house alone is like walking into a lion’s den. Biko, apply wisdom. And just in case the message wasn’t clear enough, once a man shows you his true color, sis run like there’s fire on the mountain – run! run! run! 

Video length – 13 secs (Shalewa gets slapped)

Shalewa’s acting was such a pleasure. Loved loved loooved her, and her fashion was on point as always (wardrobe from @zephansandco). I’d like to see Shalewa (or Didi) be the main character in the next season. The only thing that was disappointing about Shalewa this season is that alakoba Tito girl she calls a friend. Just why? In what world is it okay for Tito to let her drunk friend go home with a strange man??! Ladies, if you have any friends that demonstrate Tito characteristics, please avoid them like a plague and pray for them from a distance. 

Back to Mohammed, it’s been six seasons, and he is still yet to choose between his family and Shalewa. Bro, the way your life is set up, you can’t have them both, kolewerk, so just let our Shalewa go. Will we miss their chemistry? Absolutely. But Shalewa deserves a happy and healthy relationship.

Video length – 36 secs (Mohammed conflicted)

Didi and Editi.

Our Didi, the life of the party, the only fun in Tiwa’s life, has found love with Editi, and I just love their love. So pure, so sincere. I won’t even lie, Didi’s character is hecka confusing. One season, she is responsible and in a long term relationship, the next season she’s with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, without sending pesson. Now, she’s all back to being responsible, and is engaged to Editi. I choose to ignore her past… and the fact that she just met Editi like two days ago, and I’ll just ride along with her love story. The proposal was so sweet, I watched it twice. Smart of Ndani TV to pair Didi with Editi. We already love their vibe together from The Life of a Nigerian Couple and Glimpse, and we are loving it even more in SGIT Season 6.

Video length – 37secs (Didi’s proposal)

The whole shenanegans as to whether Didi should date a man with kids… it’s not by force… to each his own. Kids are a handful and a half, and people are in different phases of life. Just because someone is ready for marriage does not mean they are ready for kids. Personally, I think I would have been ecstatic about getting two “free” kids that I didn’t have to carry for 9 months (phew!). I understand why NdaniTV brought this up though… single parents in Nigeria are stigmatized. Why? I don’t know. We Nigerians are just weird like that.

Derin and Chris.

Derin’s baby boo ran off to Kenya and got married to someone else. I feel bad for Derin, but karma has to take its place for all the wickedness she showed Tiwa in previous seasons. Derin, ndo, but he’s not going to pick up. I have to give it to her though, omo girl can act!

Video length – 17secs (Derin’s denial)

We experienced tons of emotions this season – loss, joy, love, disappointment, and everything in-between. Kudos to NdaniTV for a well produced show. Here’s what I think will happen in Season 7 – lots of focus on the dynamics of kids in marriage (Tiwa/Mide and Didi/Editi), Shalewa will get back with Mohammed because that water fountain smile they gave each other was on another level, Derin will find new love, and Wosi will join Iya Tiwa in her YouTube channel. What is your prediction for season 7?

Here’s some of the cast and their Instagram handles. You’re welcome 🙂 
Tiwalade – Abimbola Craig
Mide – Ayoola Ayolola
Shalewa – Sharon Ooja
Mohammed – Timini Egbuson
Kwame – James Gardner
Farida – Sophie Alakija
Tito – Iva Ibiam
Didi – Bisola Aiyeola
Editi – Okey Uzoeshi
Derin – Beverly Naya
Wosi – Chioma Okoli
Iya TiwaNgozi Nwosu

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11 thoughts on “Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT) Season 6 Recap

  1. Tito was useless in so many ways. Don’t forget the nonsense advice she gave Shalewa – saying it is okay to stay in an abusive relationship if the abuse only happened once and if the man is apologetic and insists that he will never do it again.

  2. Tiwa was really annoying me too!!
    This review is so apt and your prediction for season 7 is what I expect too.
    My favourite characters were Shalewa and Didi!!, like in unexplainable ways. They pulled it off so well and I’m happy for Didi. I knew Kwame was bad news the moment he hit her first and he would not stop there. Aunty Tito and her advice should be thrown in the bin! Never to be recycled, I mean what sort of advice was that?? Staying in an abusive relationship just because there are no men anymore. Mtchew.
    That AY abi what’s his name, the only thing I liked him for was how he and Wosi helped to apprehend the mama Tiwa’s scammer.
    It was a season full of lessons, I must say.

  3. Exactly o, that blue dress is a no-no😂😂😂💔 plus I thought I was the only one super irritated by Tito. But wait o, what was the reason of introducing her in the show? She’s just a bag of bad decisions, aunty should coman go abeg

  4. My own favorite scene from the whole season was when Shalewa confronted Kwame. “Da pa da!”, “Awo fe kee you there”, I’ve watched that scene like two billion times!!! “And if I pim, that you beat any other girl in Lagos…” A queen I Stan!! But like you said, don’t try this at home o😂 you would receive your last bout of beating and you might not come out of that one 😂😂💔💔

  5. Loved reading this And thanks for introducing to two new things to watch. That blue dress oh lol,.. and that water fountain smile, I’m like aww they have chemistry.
    I totally missed how that annoying boy got adopted sha… He’s a full blown adult nah?
    Anyways.. Great watch, beautiful read!

  6. Biko in what episode did the water fountain smile between Shalewa and Mohammed happen??

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