Dear White People, Stop Killing Us


No dilly dallying, beating around the bush here. I just have a simple message to the (few) racist white people. Stop killing us! Sheesh! How wicked can your hearts be? Just how disgustingly wicked can you be to put your knee on a fellow human’s neck for so long that his life leaves his body? I mean, he’s gone. Dead. Does that even make you cringe at all? And your colleagues stand there in approval of what you are doing? The crowd is pleading along with George Floyd for you to let go, but it means absolutely nothing because the fallen system will back you up for lynching an African American man in broad daylight. It’s the reason why our old uncle in the White House has not yet addressed the nation about this… it’s almost like an implied approval. Sickening. 

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We are waiting. We are waiting for yet another “I am not racist” statement from those heartless cops. Just like Amy Cooper, the woman who called the cops on an African American man for absolutely no reason. I was angry when I read her “I’m not racist” statement. Honey booboo, you are. You hate black people, and you think we are criminals. That’s exactly why you pulled your entitled “Karen” caucasity card and called the cops, fake-sobbing like you were actually in danger. “Karen”, I mean, Amy honey, people only call the cops on criminals, and not on a man standing in the park, minding his business. Think about it. Just what if Christian Cooper did not record the stupid act that Amy put up? What would have happened to him? Days, months, years in prison? Or even worse, he could have had a knee on his neck and become another hashtag?

You know what’s funny? Amy or “Karen” or whatever her name is, could very well be a manager at her job with African Americans reporting to her. She’ll go around being fake-nice to them, because of course “she’s not racist”. Oh please! Now we know, deep down she sees them as a threat, not real people. So do you think they will ever get promoted over a “Logan” or “Wyatt”? Of course not. This is the ridiculous caucasity that we have to deal with.

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Dear white people, we are tayad. But Jesus said if they slap us on one cheek, we should turn the other. We have turned and turned, and are out of more places for you to slap. JUST STOP KILLING US ALREADY. 

My blood is so angry. Everything in me is angry. I’m angry for all the unjust deaths. And Ahmaud Aubrey who went running in his neighborhood? It’s cute and all that they arrested the killers, but they need to throw their entire family away. Let’s start with Lindsay McMichael, sister and daughter of the killers. Your father and brother kill a whole human, and you post a picture of his dead body at the crime scene, talmabout “I’m a true crime fan”, like this is all a joke?! She too needs to be thrown the heck away. Just lock up the entire family and their evil thinking so they don’t reproduce more of themselves. “Well, what about their kids?” You ask? Good question. They need to go to foster care just the way they take our kids away from us. Their parents have poisoned minds, and are not fit to raise the kids, or we will have another generation of ignant wicked people. 

Harsh much? Absolutely. But you know what is even more harsh if there are no hard consequences for these racist behaviors? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Yes, Karen and Luke booboo. I said what I said. Or how long do you think you will keep killing other people’s children before they react in anger? That’s why there was a violent protest in Minneapolis, with fires and looting and everything. Was that right? Absolutely not. But we are sick and tired of being killed, darnit! 

I always say this – if there are extreme consequences, people will think twice before they take action. Like if any man who rapes a woman is castrated, do you really think we would have as many rape cases? All of a sudden, tah-dah!, the ignorant men will finally figure out what “consent” means. It is the same thing for racism… I will let your imaginations wonder… 

Did I write this post in anger? Obviously, yes; there’s almost no filter applied. Will it be an entirely different post if I waited two months to cool off? Eeer yes. But sometimes, we need to speak up when we are all up in our emotions so people understand exactly how the shoe pinches. We’ve said it nicely over and over again, but those at the back have not heard us. They say they are not racist, but it all shows in their actions. Why do I trust my friends at church who are majority white? It’s because their actions show that they are genuinely kind. They pray for me when I don’t even ask for prayers, they take care of my kids, and they give the biggest hugs ever. Don’t tell me you are not racist. I don’t want to hear it. Let your actions show it. We are not a threat. We are humans just like you. STOP KILLING US ALREADY.

We can’t be handcuffed and put in the police car unless we are dead (#GeorgeFloyd)

We can’t go bird watching in Central Park (#ChristianCooper)

We can’t go jogging (#AmaudArbery)

We can’t relax in the comfort of our own homes (#BothemSean and #AtatianaJefferson)

We can't ask for help after being in a car crash (#JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride)

We can't have a cellphone (#StephonClark)

We can't leave a party to get to safety (#JordanEdwards)

We can't play loud music (#JordanDavis)

We can’t sell CD's (#AltonSterling)

We can’t sleep (#AiyanaJones)

We can’t walk from the corner store (#MikeBrown)

We can’t play cops and robbers (#TamirRice)

We can’t go to church (#Charleston9)

We can’t walk home with Skittles (#TrayvonMartin)

We can’t hold a hair brush while leaving our own bachelor party (#SeanBell)

We can’t party on New Years (#OscarGrant)

We can’t get a normal traffic ticket (#SandraBland)

We can’t lawfully carry a weapon (#PhilandoCastile)

We can't break down on a public road with car problems (#CoreyJones)

We can’t shop at Walmart (#JohnCrawford)

We can’t have a disabled vehicle (#TerrenceCrutcher)

We can’t read a book in our own car (#KeithScott)

We can’t be a 10yr old walking with our grandfather (#CliffordGlover)

We can’t decorate for a party (#ClaudeReese)

We can’t ask a cop a question (#RandyEvans)

We can’t cash our check in peace (#YvonneSmallwood)

We can’t take out our wallet (#AmadouDiallo)

We can’t run (#WalterScott)

We can’t breathe (#EricGarner)

We can’t live (#FreddieGray)

We’re tired

Tired of making hashtags

Tired of trying to convince you that our #BlackLivesMatter too

Tired of dying




So very tired

(Author Unknown)

For my white friends, and really anyone who wants to do something for racial justice, this link has a long list of things you can do. Yes, it’s hard work, but just pick a few and do it. Most importantly, please pray for peace and God’s love to penetrate all our hearts. Other ideas you have on improving racial justice are welcome in the comments section.

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22 thoughts on “Dear White People, Stop Killing Us

  1. I first got the news on Twitter and I was in awe, like this happens again?! It’s scary enough that it was in broad daylight but the image of that officer’s knee on George’s neck is so pitiful.
    At this point, I don’t even know what form of justice will be enough for his crime against a fellow human and race, let the riots continue…

  2. This is indeed sad. I was livid while watching the video too. The riots should continue. Uncle Trump will not say anything nah. Do you really believe whatever he says?

  3. I’m grateful to you for writing this post within your anger. Because it is honest and words that need to be heard. Three months from now, if you were to write this, the message would be the same, but the impact would be less, because here, everyone needs to not only hear these words, but feel this as deeply as you do. You’re writing from the heart and being able to dip into your emotions so deeply is the only way that we, as readers, will also be able to feel what is behind your words. I’m appalled at what has happened, but like I said, grateful for your honesty here. Would you allow me to share a link to this post on my Facebook feed or on my blog? Everyone needs to read this, now.

  4. Enough is Enough. If we fight back, they will call is terrorist and if we don’t, they kill our kings, queens, princes and princesses and all for what? Because we were created with a different unique color we had no choice in. This makes me helpless and sad. “I can’t breathe”

    • Sad. One thing we can do for sure is pray. Pray for God’s love to prevail, for wisdom for our leaders, for peace to reign, and anything else you can think of. Prayer works.

  5. I couldn’t watch the video, but reading people’s description of what happened, it’s demoralizing. But I’m also tired of pleading “stop killing” I’m terrified of the cops that watched. The neighbor that justifies it by asking what he did to deserve it. The silence of majority people and people of color (i.e. East Asians, South Asians) makes it look only Black people are hurting. As humans we should all be angry. I am bothered that it doesn’t seem like enough majority people and people in power are.

  6. Thank you so much for letting your emotions show through your post. My heart is actually bleeding. This is so sickening.

  7. I’m sad and appalled and will be doing something. Thank you for sharing and for the link for the list of where I can begin. I know I will pray. I know I will tell people I am grieved that black people live in fear. I’m so sorry you have to write this.

  8. I am afraid to leave a comment. But I feel I must! I do not feel like anyone can truly learn until their mind is clearly open. I really loved reading your post. I just wrote a post yesterday about kind of this issue and all the issues concerning America. And I really struggle with the feeling of being “Angry” I grew up in an angry household, where it brought you pain. So, I wrote about feeling numb about everything going on. Not completely numb, because I am truly upset about the struggles between races. There is too much fear. The fear of being open and kind to one another. Ignorance. And how that is fostered by the media. media as far back as the old south. And slavery. The fear that was instilled in whites to keep them as slaves, and to control them. Or else! Fear never goes away until you are able to reach out and trust that pain will not be the result of your action. So I will reach out and say “I fear that African Americans hate me, not the other way around” I fear the anger. So, going back to my childhood days, I kind of numb myself to it. I can see that, and now understand it. So, thank you for that. I was in love with an African American in my youth (sorry to jump subjects) and I am white. He was my first in many ways. And my father was racist. It is interesting the words you learn as normal in a household, is not normal at all when tested in the real world. I jokingly called him “boy” as in “boy get over here” and these were words my dad used on my brothers, who were white of course. And I did not know the power of that word until I used them on him.. And oh geez the look on his face and the anger in his voice when he said “I aint your boy” I was completely confused! Someone had to explain it to me! This was in the 80’s, which might explain a few things. But, still….the ignorance. And ignorance stays, when fear is fostered, and anger becomes your voice. I do not want my voice silenced, sometimes you have to ask the hard questions, sometimes you have to look ignorant to learn.

    I hate fear and what it does.

    So, I had to leave a comment. expose how ignorant I sound. Become vulnerable so I can become reshaped.

    Thank you for your voice!

    • Thank you for your openness and for sharing your story. We all have different backgrounds that shape our thinking and reactions today. What is most important is that we keep learning and adjusting our thoughts accordingly. Sadly, I still feel much of the anger in this post, but I’m oh so hopeful for change to come.

    • I also want to address this comment since I am black – “I fear that African Americans hate me”. We don’t hate you. We’d be foolish not to see all the white people in the streets protesting with us, or all the comments on social media from our white friends showing their love and support and condemning racism. Just like there is a small percentage of cops that are bad, there’s also a small percentage of whites who are racists, and those are the ones we are targeting our anger (not hate) at. Please join us in speaking up against racism; your “own” will listen to you better.

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