“Outside” is Open, But I’m Not Quite Ready Yet.


Friends, outside is starting to open up on my side of the world, and life is sloooowwly getting back to some kind of “normal”. Whether or not it’s a good idea is discussion for another day. Las las, we go dey okay. Besides, we are fully armed with our chloroquine pills, lysol injections, ginger lemon concoction, and every other quack doctor advice that is out there. 

As our elders say, there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud; even one so dark that over two million people in the U.S. have been infected by Coronavirus. So I decided to pause and recognize the blessings I got from the lockdown so far. 

1. Less stress. EVERYTHING WAS CANCELLED. No driving to work, no school drop offs, no rushing to take the kids to swim classes after school, no teaching evening classes at church, no owanbes on the weekend, no commitments, EVERY SINGLE THING WAS CANCELLED, and shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I secretly loved it! 

Just before the lockdown, my stress level was over the roof. First, Oko mi has a three hour daily commute. Early in the morning before the kids wake up, he does giri gara and is out of the house sharp sharp. That leaves me and the Lord Jesus as my helper with the wonderful kids of mine. I won’t bore you with the details of my morning routine, but just know that between the physical battle I fight with the infant that doesn’t want to “bwush” her teeth and the pre-schooler that pours his syrup on his waffle one tiny little square at a time, my mornings are usually crazy.

With the lockdown, I think God just wanted to be like “young lady, calm down and take it easy”. I’ll be honest, life without party jollof has been #struggle, but phew, boy is having a clear-ish schedule kinda nice right now.

2. No daycare fees. You really don’t want to know how much of my dollarses I pay every month to one of those money-sucking institutions for cute little humans. It’s almost like making two mortgage payments. Like, they might as well just take my entire salary. Do you feel the pinch yet? With the kids out of school during the lockdown, we got a little breather which was kinda nice. I must say though, working from home with kids is a whole different beast of its own, and if I ever for a teeny weeny second wondered why we paid so much for daycare, now I finally understand. 

3. Time to workout and self-care. Listen, when I finally step out of this house, nobody can talk to me anyhow. I’ve been exercising almost every morning, my skin has been hibernating from daily makeup, and the hair has been getting some rice water treatment and extra deep conditioning. I won’t even know how to act anymore when I step out. I’m going to order all the sleeveless crop tops and mini skirts possible from Forever21, and step out with some imaginary slow motion music playing in my head and breeze blowing through my hair like they do in the movies. Y’all are not ready for Abisola 2.0 after this is all over. 

If you’re interested in exercising at home, check out Chloe Ting’s YouTube channel and thank me later.

4. Cooking more. I actually don’t remember when last the kids had a cereal night, and I am oh so proud of myself. The lockdown finally made me a more responsible mom… freezer somewhat stocked up and all that. You may have seen on my Insta stories some of the orisirisi we’ve been cooking and baking. I know I said I’m exercising, but relax, e fara bale, it’s all about balance, friends. A little puffpuff here and there don’t hurt nobody. 

5. More time with the kids. Pre-Rona, this was what our schedule looked like.
7:00am Kids wake up
8:00am Leave home for daycare drop-off
5:30pm Pick up from daycare
8:00pm Kids bedtime

So I only get 3.5 hours with the kids on a typical work day. Before I can close my eyes and open them, the kids will be all grown. So I’m taking advantage of the extra time I have with them now – we’re drinking healthy smoothies in the morning, and playing games together in the evenings, taking walks, riding bikes, and doing family devotions. If I didn’t have to work, it would be like an unending family vacation. But real life calls, sigh!


Those are a few of the things I am enjoying right now. I know the past few weeks have been tough and overwhelming for us all with #blacklivesmatter, but I’d encourage you to take a (temporary) step away from all that has been happening, and take a moment to think of something you’re grateful for. Is there anything else you’d like to add to my list?

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10 thoughts on ““Outside” is Open, But I’m Not Quite Ready Yet.

  1. I am not sure what some of your words mean. Like “party jollof” 🙂 But i love your point’s about the pandemic and how it has all changed our lives some. It is all true. Lets hope ehen we all get back to the rat race….we incorporate some balance, that we have come to love in our lives. 🙂

    • “Let’s hope when we all get back to the rat race….we incorporate some balance, that we have come to love in our lives.” YES!!

      Re: the words… they are Nigerian slangs 🙂 I have tooltips on each slang, so if you hover or tap on each word, you can see the meaning. Just added one for party jollof… jollof rice is a popular dish in West Africa, and the ones served at parties are smokey and just way better than anything you can make at home.

      • Oooh ok. 🙂 i noticed the underlining bu I dud not think to hover over the word. Thanks for explaining! Party jollof sounds delicious!

  2. This is nice. The lockdown also benefited me in some ways. It gave me some time with my family whom I had not seen for like a year. It gave me some time to reflect and meditate, and to get closer to God. I’ve also been able to read some beneficial books that I’d left dusty.

    Thank you for this post. We all have things to be grateful for. May God comfort those who have lost someone in this time.

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