Would You Still Remain Honest if I Offered You $10 Million Dollars?

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Nothing was going to stop Retty from slaying her wedding reception. Sis was ready to give it to them in her perfect custom-made bedazzled red lace dress. After the designer did her magic on the dress, she sent a picture to Retty. It was oh so perfect! Only problem was… after paying for the dress in full, Retty waited and waited and called and called. The dress don enter voicemailit was a no-show. Finally after her wedding, Retty saw a picture of a famous Nigerian actress in her perfect red dress. The designer had sold it to the actress for who-knows-how-many-times more! Who would have thunk?

Everyone dragged the designer on Instagram. All because of this thing called egomoney… she left a bride hanging on her big day. This life no just balance at all. Let me gist you another story.

Recently, I shared on my Instagram, the story of Zipporah who lost her dad on a Boeing plane crash. I felt her pain men. She told us what really went down. Here’s the summary. Boeing did giri gara to produce a whole entire plane that will suspend itself in the air with… not doll babies, but actual human lives. Because they wanted to beat competition, they did wuru wuru and cut corners on the design, production, and whatnot. And just like that, 157 people died when the plane crashed with Zipporah’s dad on board. Oh, and just so you know, 189 people had died a few months prior when the same plane model crashed. Fam, this life no balance.


I’ll tell you another quick story. About five years ago or so, some Chinese companies were producing rice from plastic. Yep, you read it right… they would combine plastic and potatoes and somehow transform it to look just like real rice. Then they sold it and humans bought and ate plastic rice. I’m not sure if this is still going on, but just know that once upon a time, it happened because of this thing called egomoney. 

Let’s talk about your favoooorite…. Amazon! Some moms may remember that there was once a website called diapers.com where you could order… eeeerrr… diapers and other baby items. Well, Amazon saw them and was like what y’all think you doing?? So right away, Amazon dropped prices on diapers and other baby items just so they could crush diapers.com. The prices were so ridiculously low that Amazon lost about $400 million on just diapers alone in the first year. Obviously, diapers.com couldn’t compete with such low prices, and tahdah!, they no longer exist today.

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Friends, I barely scratched the surface. Eyin iPhone, iMac, i-gbogbo e lovers, abeg gather here real quick. When a two-TRILLION-dollar company is fighting over money and charging small developers 30% of every app purchase, you know that what…? This life no balance. There’s also Facebook who stole data from Snapchat to create Insta stories and pretty much almost drive them out of business. O wrong nau.

Do you see the connection yet? The wedding dress designer, Boeing, Chinese rice companies, Amazon, Apple, Facebook… have thrown away compassion and ethics just because of money, money, money. This life no balance at all.

We can read this post and be quick to criticize the “big boys”, but I’d like to challenge two sets of people – 

1. Those who are currently doing wuru wuru. If, like the wedding dress designer, we can’t show compassion and be ethical in our “little” dealings today, then when we have an “Amazon” or a “Dangote”, with billions or trillions of dollars dangling in front of us, do we really think we’ll maintain integrity? Remember when I wrote a post titled Dear Influencers, we are tayad? Well, if our dear influencers wouldn’t turn down thousands of dollars to advertise a facial mask that gave them kro-kro, what do you think would happen if, like Boeing, there was billions of dollars involved? 

2. Those who are currently honest in their dealings. A lot of us swear to the heavens that once we hammer, we will build so and so charity, and feed the homeless and put shelter over their heads, and this and that. Will you truly remember and keep this same energy when the money comes? Or will you become greedy and want more and more at ANY cost whatsoever? This thing called money has a very funny way of drying up people’s morals. Why do you think the leaders in Nigeria swallow up funds that are meant to build schools and hospitals for poor people? 


Proverbs 22:1. A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank.

Be honest, if I gave you $10 million dollars today, what would you really do with it?

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13 thoughts on “Would You Still Remain Honest if I Offered You $10 Million Dollars?

  1. I like to think I would take on philanthropy. I dream that if I ever was rich the first thing I’d do is pay off the home mortgages for friends who are struggling. I would then be selfish and buy myself land in the middle of the woods and live off grid like I used to. That actually might help me remain honest! But the reality is, I don’t know. Would I trust financial advisors to also be honest? Would I be smart enough to recognize honesty in the sad stories that came my way? Would I be strong enough to see all that money (equating to family security) leaving my hands, even if it meant helping others? I know some rich people have managed to keep their morals and be good, empathetic people. I like to think I would be able to go to them and ask them for tips and warning signs. I think I would also have to trust my close friends and family to tell me if I started down the selfish, dishonest road. But then I would have to be able to step aside from my ego and listen to them…so yes. In my dreams, I remain a caring, empathetic person who would help all I could. I’ll hang on to that dream of being a good person because the reality is I won’t have to worry about ever being in this position of finding out one way or the other! Which leads to another point. If I struggle financially but still manage to help out those around me, I think that’s a good ruler to judge how I might act with lots of money. I hope.

      • So, i grew up in Kaduna. Its a laid back city. Not like Lagos. And i remember so many times asking myself after moving to Lagos if i lacked ambition. If there was something wrong with me. I just don’t have that hustle to make money at any cost. I just don’t.

        This has not changed as my income has increased over the years and I am thankful to God for that. Neither has money driven my business. I appreciate the things money can do…but i will NOT LOSE MY SOUL to get them. Sleeping well at night is much more important for me.

        I asked God to bless and increase the works of my hands recently. I heard him ask me why…and I answered it was because i want to be able to bless those around me. And that is my greatest drive. Making a difference no matter how small.

        Thanks for writing this piece and reading my epistle. 😁

  2. Always a pleasure to read😁. I still turning this over in my head though, will Amazon and Facebook be as successful as they are now if they don’t pull some of these stunts? Or where do we draw the line of Healthy competition?

    It boils down to what we truly value.

    • I think so. There’s always a path the honest way… It may take longer or more effort, but there’s a way. And if not then maybe It’s just not meant to be.

  3. Literally had my heart in my mouth while reading this.

    Quite a piece that encourages moments of reflection.

    You could own 10 million dollars this minute and be dead by the next. What’s the fuss about trying to outsmart people?

    Give me such money. A part goes to church, another to charity and another to my bank account.

    In all, my integrity matters.

  4. $10 million dollars is a whole lot of money to be honest and because there’ll be loads of funny ideas circulating around me, I may just need a week or two to pray and properly think about what I would do with it. Although, owning a home is high up on my list!

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