Life Updates Since I’ve Been “Away”


I blinked for like one millisecond and just like that two solid months have passed since I last posted on the blog. No, it wasn’t intentional. I just said let me close my eyes and open it small, and then fiam, November appeared. I wrote many blog posts while I was “away”, but I just never posted them. Don’t ask me why, because me sef, I don’t know the answer. So let me gist you on what has been going on with me.

  1. I took two months off work because I was just not okay. That’s all the explanation, really. COVID hit, I was working a crazy job from home with two young kids, one of whom determined that my lap was the only place she could sit as long as she was awake, and another who asked me “what could I doooo?????” every 5 seconds. No kidding! I got drained, to the point where I couldn’t keep going. So I made the decision to just step away from it all… I mean, step away from the job, not the kids. The day I made that decision, I had been in back to back meetings all day, the kids had been on their tablet devices, and I looked up and it was waaaaay past lunch, and they still had not eaten. I felt HORRIBLE. Then I was reminded of that thing they taught us about why Jack was a dull boy. All work and no play…
  1. Nigeria happened. I think most of the world is caught up on our dirty laundry by now, but here’s the 30-second summary. Youths in Nigeria were peacefully protesting police brutality, the Nigerian government got mad that we had the audacity to protest their foolishness, so they turned off the lights, took out the security cameras, and sent the army to open fire on peaceful unarmed protesters. We watched on Instagram live as they killed our own brothers and sisters. I lost motivation, I lost energy, I lost drive, my body just weak. But if you know anything about Nigerians, you know it’s hard to break us. We may be traumatized by the unfortunate experience, but we moveeeee still.
  1. Side gig went live! If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know how much I’ve been wanting to start a side gig. Since I was off work for two months, I had some time on my hands and started to whip up some Shea butter with THE BEST oils for hair and skin. It’s the whippiest, fluffiest, richest Shea butter you can get your hands on. Working on this side gig brings me soooo much joy and fulfilment, hence the name, “It’s Shea Joy!”. Like I told my friends on Instagram, when next you see me, you can call me Bisola, iya o’lori.
Whipped Shea Butter on Etsy
  1. I’ve been writing a lot. I started to write a blog post titled “Dear Young People”, that was mostly career focused. There’s so much that I can tell the early career folks and college students that can save you years of figuring out. So I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote, so tey, the blog post is almost turning into a mini book at this point. I will dedicate the next series of posts to this topic, and I really hope you all enjoy it.

I’m back to work now. The grandmas have been coming through with childcare support. The craziness at work is back, but a bit more controlled, so it’s like bearable craziness. I’m super excited for the next series of posts, and of course excited for the new side gig journey. Life’s good. God is good. How have you been, friends? Any updates to share?

P.S. If you’ve been enjoying my blog, please show your support by patronizing my whipped Shea butter business or telling one person who fancies Shea butter. It’s free shipping to U.S. addresses for now.

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2 thoughts on “Life Updates Since I’ve Been “Away”

  1. Yayyyyy…welcome back! Taking a break is soooo necessary. Glad you took your mental health seriously enough to step away for a bit.

    Nigerian, smh #endsars. Congratulations on the side gig! Abeg, give me some of you hustling spirit.

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