6 Practical Side Gig / Side Hustle Ideas for 2021

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Happy New Year, friends! I would have hyped you all for the new year, but let me just keep hush and not jinx 2021 with too much excitement. I’ve got a great blog post today to ginger us to start 2021 on the right foot by adding an extra income stream or two. The year 2020 caught us unawares, but what is that thing they say about being “once bitten”? Yep, you know the rest of it. Well, as the nilz girl that I am, I have created a list of side gig ideas so that if you ever get that pink slip and lose your main source of income, you’d at least be able to put food on the table. The other bills may not be paid, and the lights may be out and what not, but hey, as long as we fed, we happy, right? Sike, just kidding.

But seriously, before we get started, here’s a reminder that I said “side gig” o, so set your expectations right. These are no million-dollar, retire at age 30, travel the world and make money in your sleep, ideas. This is called side “HUSTULE” for a reason. You’ve gats to put in the work. If you are looking for a list of ideas to invest and build wealth, that’s a blog post for another day. Now repeat after me – THIS. IS. A. SIDE. GIG. Good, now lego.

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1. Become a Social Media Manager. Kini problem? That is not your thing? Well, if you’re already on Instagrant 24/7 anyway, you might as well make $$$ from it. Don’t worry, we will make it your thing. All you need to do is take some free “courses” on Udemy, YouTube, or wherever,… stalk some exceptional Instagram accounts and take notes on what they’re doing right, download a social media planning app, make Canva your best friend, and you’re good to go!

Shea butter favors – It’s Shea Joy

2. Get into the events space. Let me tell you this; people spend with their emotions when it comes to events. “Oh it has to be the fairytale Cinderella wedding that I’ve dreamed about all my life” or “Baby Johnny my honey booboo is turning 1 and he deserves all the happiness in the world”. No bruh, baby Johnny just wants some milk and a good ol’ nap on his birthday. Anyway, my point is, provide a service or product for events where people usually spend with high budgets, such as weddings, birthdays, showers, graduations, etc. You could rent out chairs/tables/plates/ANYTHING, take photos or videos, DJ, MC, bake cakes, cater food, do decorations, and so on. BUT, I know what you are thinking – 

  • “Everyone and their grandmama is a photographer or a caterer”. Here’s what you’re missing though; there is no shortage of events happening every weekend. I mean we all need a cake for our birthdays, right? And someone’s gotta bake it.
  • “I don’t do any of these event-type things”. I hear you, and even I don’t do this stuff either. My side gig is to sell whipped Shea butter, but I managed to turn that into wedding, birthday, and shower favors. Those tiny little jars of whipped Shea butter have made me the most $$$ in my little business. Trust me on this, whatever it is you do, just do it in the event industry. Wonder why people pay 5x more to get their nails done for their wedding than they would any other time, even though it’s the same fingernails on their nail bed? It’s all just emotional spending, because “Cinderella wedding” and what not. But hey, we gon’ take advantage of the ridiculousness of it all. 
  • “I don’t know where to start from”. It’s simple; just start. When I planned my sister’s bridal shower 5 years ago, I rented some folding chairs from some dude I found on a wacky one-page website with a hotmail email address or something. He stored the chairs in his home garage. Fast-forward 4 years later when I was planning another shower, I found that his little home garage business has blown to become a thing. He now has rental locations in two different cities, and rents out everything you could possibly think of for events. Where did he start from? He just started… right in his garage.
  • “But eeerr COVID is real out there.” I know it is, but with vaccines rolling out now, we’ll be in a much better place soon (fingers crossed), and you don’t want to wait until then to get started. Start now. 

3. Become a Commissioned Notary. You can prepare for the certification in a week or so. The application fee is minimal, and it’s actually pretty straightforward to get certified. They don’t require an arm and a leg and a sacrifice to the gods. So get that certification, and even better if you take the additional few steps to become a real estate notary signing agent. Some people are making $40-50k per year on this stuff from doing it part time. Stay woke, fam. 

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4. Sell something you already enjoy making. Lots of DIY queens and kings out there just sitting on some pretty dope stuff in your houses. Biko, list them and get some cha-ching from it. The world awaits your greatness. You can create a listing on Facebook marketplace in literally two minutes. There’s also Etsy, Shopify, Wix, and a bunch of other options.

5. Become a Content Editor. It’s 2021, and everyone is a YouTuber, podcaster, or some kind of content creator. Instead of dragging space on the internet with the creators, why not graciously provide services to help them. If you ask us, we’ll tell you that deep deep DEEP down, we are not okay. Video/photo/audio editing are the bane of our existence. So, if this is something you think you’ll enjoy doing, it’s really not rocket science to learn. If you survived Calculus 101, then chances are that you can figure this out. Offer your services and edit away and charge some dollarses for your work!

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6. Airbnb Property Manager. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people with an empty basement in their homes or people traveling for an extended period who don’t have the time to rent out their homes. As COVID is (hopefully) “ending”, people will start traveling and lodging more. So put on your humility coat, print some fliers, and go old school door to door in your neighborhood. All you need is one or two people to say yes, and you have a side gig. If you’re a newbie, there are tons of resources online about how to manage an Airbnb property. Brethren, everything is figureoutable


Do you currently have a side gig? If not, which one of these ideas would you be willing to try out?

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9 thoughts on “6 Practical Side Gig / Side Hustle Ideas for 2021

  1. Yasss!!! Just the confirmation I needed. I’ve been thinking of doing the notary thing and expanding my hustle on Facebook market place. This was the encouragement I need.
    Also, I know some people say ” well, this person is already doing it”. Guess what? There are over 1 billion on earth! The person already doing it cannot supply everyone! There is some for you too.
    Also, I strongly believe that if you are entering a market that you think is saturated, you need to have a NICHE! That is how you make your coins!!! Got money moved on my mind this year!
    Finally, if unsure of what to do, sounds cliche but pray so God opens your eyes! What will make you money is already within you and around you. It is most likely something you are doing already.
    Ok, done with my spill.

  2. So can I become your content editor?!? Great post! Let me pick one or two, need more side hustles in this 2021.

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