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Someone, please tell me how I wore makeup to work EVERY SINGLE DAY before the pandemic hit? Who would have thunk that I actually brought this self-imposed stress upon my life? The physical strength or desire for that kind of lifestyle, I haveth not anymore. Since I’ve been working from home during the pandemic, I noticed that my skin started to glow just from taking a long break from my daily makeup routine. Well, that was just the ginger I needed to start being more intentional about my skincare routine. Ladies, I present to you the best secrets that will have your skin glowing in no time!

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1. Drink loads of water. Okay, fine. I know this isn’t quite a secret, but ask yourself – Tolani (or whatever your name is), am I actually drinking enough water daily? No? Okay, so I will be that annoying African Aunty to remind you to drink about 2.5 liters of water every day; no excuses, no exceptions. The good news is that fluids in fruits, vegetables, soups (just not our African oyelly soups o)… all count toward your “water” intake. Water helps to flush out toxins, which prevent acne and improve your skin tone. As icing on the cake, staying hydrated also helps up your energy level; and then as cherry on the icing on the cake, staying hydrated can even help with weight loss too! If you, like me, get too busy to remember to drink water, what I do is to ALWAYS have a bottle or glass of water next to me, especially when I’m working. Try this genius water bottle and thank me later. P.S. Abisola did not go to med school o. If you have a health condition, please check with your doctor on how much water you should be drinking. 

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2. Use Sunscreen. It’s 2021 and I think the use of sunscreen is now normalized at this point. But if you somehow missed the memo, let it be known that you need to wear sunscreen every single day. No, sunscreen is it not reserved only for when you go to the beach or take the kids to the park. Even for folks like me that work from home but sit next to a window with direct sunlight, or for awon orente that like to be posing under the sun, because #sunkissed #nofilter, we need sunscreen to prevent possible skin damage. Do I remember to use sunscreen everyday? Of course not. Which is why I use a face moisturizer that has SPF30 built into it already. I also kinda just love how it makes my face look without makeup, so it’s a win-win for me. Oh and since the moisturizer is SPF30, you might be able to use your FSA card for it. Shhhh don’t tell them I told you.

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3. Eat healthy. You can try to apply all the best products in the world, but if you fill yourself with junk food, then it’s like putting a band aid on a deep cut… won’t really help much. As captain of ijekuje association, this one is especially hard for me. I always have to remind myself that eating clean is simple – more fruits and vegetables, and less saturated fat, salt, and added sugar. Discipline is everything; whenever you have options, always pick the healthier option. Your skin and body will do a backflip thank you for it. I have a whole lot more tips on eating clean-ish without compromising enjoyment in this post. Good luck girlfriend! By the time we step out of this pandemic, Ellen Degeneres engat nothing on us baybay.

4. Have a daily routine. I keep mine simple – cleanse, tone, and moisturize. My goal is to keep my skin clean and moisturized, without any theatrics involved. I use the Bolden cleanser and toner for a good squeaky clean feel. It’s literally the only thing my skin loves, and trust me, I’ve tried a number of them out there.

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5. Other nice to haves. Now that I’ve got you invested in your skincare, we might as well go the extra mile by adding these things to your routine – use a face mask twice a week to refresh and restore moisture to your face, use a steamer every week to open up your clogged pores, add an eye cream and vitamin C for a firm, youthful skin. The Bolden face moisturizer already contains vitamin C, so I don’t use any additional vitamin C serums.

6. Be kind to your skin. Sis, you need to treat your skin like a baby, because hello self-care. You already know most of this but since I’ve chosen to be that African Aunty for today, I might as well go all in. Please let go of those harsh expensive sponges and brushes, ko necesstri, except for once in a while exfoliating. And I hope you’re not using the same towel on your face that you also use to wipe your feet. Biko, invest in a soft, clean towel to pat your face dry. Now to the worst offense of all… please tell me that you don’t sleep with makeup on. O wrong nau. This is a taboo to the gods of skincare. Oh and while we’re at it, please keep those germy hands away from your face. With COVID lurking around, you shouldn’t be touching your face anyway. 


If you have been enjoying reading my blog, please support my hustle by purchasing these skincare products through my affiliate links. Just in case you read this post while closing your eyes and magically missed all the links sprinkled throughout, here’s my affiliate link to purchase Bolden skincare products (use code ABISOLA15 for 15% off your order). I have truly enjoyed using Bolden skincare products for almost three years now, and I’m so excited to share this gem with you all.  

Do you have any skincare secrets to add to my list? What has worked for you? Please share!

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  1. Sigh…but these things are hard nau 😂😂😂. I struggle with like 5 out of this 6 things you mentioned, lol but resolved to make an effort this year.

    And wait, we’re affiliating now?!? Yeeeessss! Let me go and buy oh! Keep the discount codes coming!

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