The Cutest Etsy Shops; “Home Goodies” and “Gifts for Her” Edition

Ceramic Planter by ERINMCdesign

I have a love-hate relationship with Etsy. It’s an absolute love relationship as a customer, because boy can you find the oh-so cutest things on there. Sugbon o, as a shop owner, I ain’t even gonna lie, it’s sort of a hate relationship, because nna men, the struggle is real on Etsy. You can list the best items in the world all you want, but Etsy just won’t give us starters enough visibility on the platform. Anyway, all that is a story for another day. Today, I am focusing on my love for Etsy, because I’ve found too many cute things not to share!

As much as I could, I tried to include black-owned and starter Etsy shops. The hunt for these shops was like trying to pass a camel through a needle’s eye… basically impossible. So, although I list diverse kinds of shops below, I’ve added (BO) to indicate body odor black-owned, (S) to indicate small shops with less than 200 sales, and (W) to indicate woman-owned shops. BO and W are based on profile info, so if they are off, no vex. I tried.

I organized this post by “home decor” and “gifts for her” themes, just because I felt like it. Click on each photo to view the item on Etsy.

Home Decor / Home Needs

1. Printable dope modern art by BabaAfricana (S). I want this to bring some life to my home office!

Tribal Abstract Art
Tribal Abstract Art by BabaAfricana

BabaAfricana’s Etsy shop is just pure faya. Here’s another abstract art I’m absolutely in love with.

African abstract art
African Abstract Art by BabaAfricana

2. Bohemian cotton rug by THomeandGarden is a gorgeous simplistic multipurpose piece. 

Bohemian Cotton Rug
Bohemian Cotton Rug by THomeandGarden

3. Ceramic plant pots by ERINMCdesign. Plant mamas, just how adorably cute are these?!

Ceramic Planter by ERINMCdesign

4. Throw pillow covers with modern art by ZuzuHome (S). 

Modern Throw Pillow Cover by ZuzuHome

5. Modern print mugs by THomeandGarden (W) I’ve got a cabinet full of mugs, but these will make the perfect housewarming or wedding gift.

Modern Print Ceramic Mugs by THomeandGarden (W)

Gifts for Her

1. Earrings!!! Forget Aldo and the big name brands. The jewelry creativity on Etsy by small business owners is out of this world. Since I’m just now getting into clay earrings, I’m sharing two shops that I’m currently loving. The first is by PatchouliAndPaint (BO, S, W), and the second is by CommonClayJewelry (S, W).

Earrings by PatchouliAndPaint (BO, S, W)

Clay hoops by CommonClayJewelry (S, W)

2. T-shirts. If you like me, live and breathe in graphic tees, here are a couple you might love; first, this gorgeous one by Kuvaah (BO, S, W).

T-shirt by Kuvaah (BO, S, W)

Here’s another cool one by TheWhiteInviteGifts (W). Hey, a girl can never have too many t-shirts!

Graphic t-shirt by TheWhiteInviteGifts

3. Hair Accessories. These trending jumbo headbands by WynnDesignShop (W)… instantly dresses you up without trying too hard.

Padded Headband by WynnDesignShop (W)

4. Step up your essential oil game with this diffuser by AvoCraftsCo

Diffuser by AvoCraftsCo

5. Personalized tumbler with straw by TheWhiteInviteGifts (W). Pretty please grab me a gold one as you get one for yourself.

Personalized tumbler by TheWhiteInviteGifts (W)


Okay, how cute was this list? Do you have your eyes on any of these? Also, I’m too curious to know – what has been your experience with Etsy either as a buyer or seller?

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