5 Inappropriate Messages that the Chief Daddy Movie Passed Across to Thousands of Viewers

Source: The Guardian

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Oya gather here for a selfie if like me, you couldn’t wait to watch Chief Daddy after all the rave about it. The movie was directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and produced by Mo Abudu. It featured…actually never mind. It’s easier to list who it didn’t feature, because kilode? All of Nollywood was in the movie, which almost made it a chaotic mess. Imagine our favorite, Bisola Aiyeola, had one little non-talking scene, which she still managed to make funny as hell, but that’s besides the point. Before we blinked, fiam, she was out of our screens!

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Season Finale. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E12 Recap

The wedding finally happened! I never hesperred it. And just like that SGIT Season 5 is over. I am so proud of NdaniTV for creating this show. Seems like it started out to be just for entertainment with the first few seasons, but then they seamlessly tied in relationship and life lessons while keeping us entertained this season. In my recap of Episode 1, I mentioned that I may skip writing on some episodes if it was full of Iya Tiwa shouting upandan. I was being serious, but NdaniTV came prepared this season. Let’s talk about how each of the characters have grown from Season 1.

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Bridal Shower. Recap of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E11.

I battled with this episode’s recap. Honestly eh, I’m getting bored. The purpose of today’s episode was what? Watch a frustrated wedding planner with terrible acting? Or watch Mide in the exact state he was last week – no progress? This wedding has refused to happen. In fact, praying for the wedding has passed “Pastor” Woli’s powers, so tey he has gone to gather his church members to join in. I know, I know, the episode actually wasn’t so bad. There were some really sweet moments, and perhaps that’s why the comments on YouTube were calling this the best episode yet. Let’s dive in.

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You Won’t Understand What I’m Going Through. Recap of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama (Part 1 of 2).

Even if you didn’t read Becoming, you probably already heard that Michelle Obama had a miscarriage and eventually sought fertility treatments. She described how she felt following her miscarriage as “lonely, painful, and demoralizing,” and added that sharing this struggle with a couple of her friends brought her to a steady place. I think we all knew this part of her book like the very same day it launched for two reasons:

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