Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT) Season 6 Recap

Photo Credit: Abimbola Craig

Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) fans, let’s gather here and talk about what just went down in Season 6; the love nwantintin (Didi and Editi), the katikati ridiculousness (Kwame), the annoyingness (Tiwa and AY the adopted kid… so annoying!), the audacity (Mohammed, ugh!), and of course, the lessons from everyone. In case you were looking for a recap of every episode like I did for season 5, don’t vex. See ehn, after every single episode, I wrote an imaginary blog post in my head, but time I had not, to transport it into blog posts for you all to read. So the season is over, let’s do one big recap. 

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Happy Mother’s Day! 5 Lessons from my “Not-so-African” Nigerian Mother

If you don’t know what a typical African mother is like, think Iya Tiwa from Skinny Girl in Transit. African mothers are popularly known for over-reacting to even the minutest situations. Just let your African mother find your “#dead” comment on social media, and you’ll get a phone call right away, with her yelling at the top of her voice, “you will not die in Jesus’ name!” Push it too far by posting a picture of you in a strapless dress, and it’s wrap; your African mother will call you, threatening to have a heart attack, saying o fe pa mi ni?

Don’t be fooled though, African mothers are our biggest supporters, and that’s why we love them like kilode? Let’s not get started on their banging meals; even iya basira cannot compete with my mom’s catfish stew.

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Season Finale. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E12 Recap

The wedding finally happened! I never hesperred it. And just like that SGIT Season 5 is over. I am so proud of NdaniTV for creating this show. Seems like it started out to be just for entertainment with the first few seasons, but then they seamlessly tied in relationship and life lessons while keeping us entertained this season. In my recap of Episode 1, I mentioned that I may skip writing on some episodes if it was full of Iya Tiwa shouting upandan. I was being serious, but NdaniTV came prepared this season. Let’s talk about how each of the characters have grown from Season 1.

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Bridal Shower. Recap of Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E11.

I battled with this episode’s recap. Honestly eh, I’m getting bored. The purpose of today’s episode was what? Watch a frustrated wedding planner with terrible acting? Or watch Mide in the exact state he was last week – no progress? This wedding has refused to happen. In fact, praying for the wedding has passed “Pastor” Woli’s powers, so tey he has gone to gather his church members to join in. I know, I know, the episode actually wasn’t so bad. There were some really sweet moments, and perhaps that’s why the comments on YouTube were calling this the best episode yet. Let’s dive in.

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Feelings. Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) S5E10 Recap.

False alarm guys. There’s no indication that today’s episode was the finale. The previous seasons have been 10 episodes, but I guess NdaniTV is giving us a treat this time? On to today’s episode. There was just a theme of sadness that even “Pastor” Woli’s comedic act couldn’t get me to laugh. With Mide’s dad passing, and Shalewa and Mohammed’s breakup, it was an overall moody situation.

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